Bts Roleplays

My Band Life

By Shehara (New!)
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  "Why did you stop me?" "Because you shouldn't do that." "Why do you care so much" "because your special to me" "Why?" "You'll find out soon,princess" with that he left me thinking ov

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Taekook rp

By crispyboi (New!)
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Hello! I’m new here and this will be my first role play. I’m looking to do a taekook role play. The plot is undecided and we can brainstorm ideas in the chat. Message me here or on kik

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BTS Roleplay Partners

By Lovexx (New!)
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Hi, i'm looking for rp partners to form a BTS group chat on line. We can discuss about the detail later in the group chat something like genre, plot, etc. ● Relantionship ● Bestie ●

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