Kik Roleplays


By Iamkassy (New!)
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Little Katie was at the park with her father when her father went home and left her!! You see Katie and you take her home with you and you are in charge of taking care of her. You end up falling in

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Kik RP F4A

By Serenityvale (New!)
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Hello! My name is Doctor Vale! and i am looking for a fun RP i have many kinks...everything but really so be creative and please be literate! Send your Ideas to me i am Female19! Do NOT as for

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Medieval Low Fantasy RP on Kik

By Bunnygrahams (New!)
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Recruiting for a medieval era group rp on Kik. 18+. Kingdom of Etheraria has stood as one of the pillars of the land for ages. Magic is shunned in Etheraria, the practice of witchcraft is punishabl

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Any rp through kik

By Utamate (New!)
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Looking for just anyone to rp with. I'm willing to roleplay anything with the only exception being some . I'm best with romance roleplays, but there are some animes, movies, etc. That

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RP With me!

By Danielor4 (New!)
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Hey, I'm Daniel. I'm currently 17, but I'll be 18 soon. I'm more into females and those who identify as female. I mostly roleplay in the first person as myself. I really don't like groups, since it

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The 1000 year tragedy

By XxNeverStopxX (New!)
Tags boyxboy kik
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Hundreds of years ago, a royal family ruled over the kingdom of shiona. In that royal family there was a princess named Ashari, the only child of the king and queen. You were the prince of shadows,

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