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i'm your big fluffy baby

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i'm a flirty bunny









Hi Jipup,
I'm sending you this note 'cause today is a very special day and I want to express how ecstatic I am to have you by my side this entire time. I know I won't express much of what I'm feeling right now 'cause words are not enough to say how much I enjoy your presence and I'm not really good at voicing out my thoughts that lie within the deepest part of my heart but I want you to know this very feeling that you never once failed to make me conscious of, I want you to know how vulnerable I get whenever you're near me, I want you to know that you've taken a huge part of my heart that no one could ever replace, I want you to know that I get immensely happy whenever I see you around, that you've become a vital part of me, and I mostly want you to know how much I love you. Thanks for being with me all throughout this entire year. You made it very meaningful for me. All the things that I did with you were very meaningful for me. I wouldn't ask for more. Happy Anniversary, Jisoo, my bby jipup. I love you. 

21107177_575490339507752_2079260343065903104_n.jpg?ig_cache_key=MTU4ODQwMjI4MDA1NTIzMDQ1Nw%3D%3D.2.c stamps this here cuz
 she's cute. 
 My Jipup. I couldn't
 come up with anything
 so I made you another
letter. Hope it's good enough `










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Oh jisoo。
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January 03, 1995。
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Kim jongin if he wants to be。
Dalgom, vivi, sohye。
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i like...fried chicken。
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99.9 ╱ 100
I like to use this more as a shelf for my stuff cause who even needs a profile here rip. b u t if you do somehow ended up reading this then wow you just wasted your time with this sgjkfgd whoops. Bintu, if you're reading this.....Hi o w o <3
hubby / bintu
auGust 31, 2016。

hi you're so cute i'd die for you but not literally cause who will love you as much as i do?! okno but fr i'd catch a bullet if that bullet was directed at you but lets be honest who will shoot you so instead, I'd catch a disease than let you get sick pmsl. i love youuuu like very much. i miss you too but i always do so heh

from my Taichou

all this heartwarming gifts but none cant compare to how you make my heart warm up and melt into a puddle.
just a lil sumn
Lujoo, Jendeuk
you guys are so precious i wish you both can believe me on this. idrk how to properly express this but Im glad i met you in both ic and ooc. you kinda remind me of myself in a way but way smarter pmsl. I really wish i can give you proper serious note without me messing it up but that's just how i am rip. anyways, im serious when i said that ill always lend an ear if you need anything :) I love you!! 
Jongen and co.
is there anything i havent said that you dont know?? rip but really Im also glad you forced me to talk to you in a way cause when i first saw you and you were talking to my friend i actually wanted to make friends with you but you already know a few people so i kinda got intimidated by it rip. but now you pretty much became the second person i talk the most here and im just happy whenever i get to joke around with you and stuff hah. You're precious too and i love you!!
we don't talk much more now but before you were actually there when i needed someone to talk to...even tho i feel bad for troubling you im actually really grateful for that so thank you. may you and jack be happy always along with jeno cause he a good kid yes. i love you, lali!!
fdasjghrsf Dotter, ah yes i remember suddenly adopting you, you were all bitter and just this ball of sass that I just want to put you in my pocket. im glad you found mark and he found you cause the both of you are just so cute like please i want grandparents soon but not too soon cause jbc pmsl. anyways excuse your mom for being lame and writing a flop note :') I love you, dotter ! Mama is always here if you need anything
kyulkyungieeeee. my favorite dongsaeng how are? where are you? did you and rm went away to get married? okno but tbh i dont remember how we ended up here but you're just so easy to talk to that i just immediately liked you after that first talk dfsasdgs. I miss you, lets talk more soon alright? I better be invited in your wedding you u n u okno i love you ill steal you away from rm and leave my hubby okno pt 2 pmsl