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i'll never get to my 1k post but lets pretend i did, and im dedicating it to my only fave: jeon jiwoo. look if you dont like her you're weird and dont deserve to be rich idk what you are gonna do with your life . other than throw yourself in the garbage. like, shes so cute ok im sobbing w a fist in my mouth shes the best invention god ever made. foreal i'd get 5 jobs if i have to..... so she can chill and relax at home..... and sleep whenever she wants and maybe i'll even... get a 6th job to buy her a car... so she can run me over if thats what she likes :-) im serious on this everyone who talks about jiwoo hand them over they r gonna catch these hands. i will fight u with a spoon and shove it down your esophagus and watch u choke. thts all you need to know. thanks for being the first one to make me forget that i'm trashi ilu so m stay cute jiwoo


jiwoo j. ♡ 3 minutes ago
this world need more people like kihyun

jaehyun j. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 52 seconds ago
lays my head on kihyun's new tities

jiwoo j. ♡ 2 minutes ago
kih you're my hero

mina m. ♡ 8 hours ago
censors kihyun's entire existence

changkyun i. ☠ 2 hours ago
kihyun's french gets me excited