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sungwoon oppayah, happy first monthsary to us!
from jihoon & sohye, chicken drumstick & fried chicken, to sungwoon and hyeri, we've been through alot and thank you for accepting me for who i am and talking to me about how you feel which makes /us/ even stronger. i feel like our relationship is slowly blossoming and i'm really grateful that both of us are putting in effort !! i want to spend rest of the months or lifetime together with you and be the girlfriend you can count on. i want to hold you tight in my arms, shower you with cuddles and kisses while watching a movie or feasting on chicken. thank you for dyeing my universe with your love, brighter; shinier than the seven rays of rainbow. thank you for being mi namchin, the yin to my yang, you're the best gift i could get from heaven 


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aeyeon 56 seconds ago Reply 

me: tryna look fr sungwoon icons, stumbles across sungwoon headers, stares, aNd questions wHy isnt this an icon wHY DO SUCH PERFECT MAN EXIST

haeyeon 5 minutes ago Reply 

pft but sungwoon if thrs no u thrs no creation of weewoo thrs no sohye to chase jihoon i mean :" and then thrs no hyeri and thrs no chaeyeon and thr wont be us sO thank yourself for existing ok ilu muahs

nhui [A] 35 seconds ago Reply 

wOah nice dp sungwoon

merry christmas !
to: sungwoon

our main shrekt who loves drinking ! here's a wine making kit for you so you can experience getting drunk off of something you made : D merry christmas !! we all love yoU
to: sungwoon

hello sungwoon oppa c: time to be a lil punny again, you're the craig (crack ) sungwoonk to my chae lloyd ! can't believe i'm gna marry you in another 5 days heh happy monthsary and merry christmas to yOu
25.05.17 ♡ the day "we" started.
chaeyeon-ah, thanks for sticking by my side even tho i'm a piece of to you :"D thanks for giving me the chance to salvage our relationship. i really hope i don't flop it up this time, as i really want to be an oppa that you can lean on and trust in. i want to be a boyfriend that you don't have to worry about or be disappointed at. i want to be a nice boyfriend that you can show off to your friends with pride. and for that to happen i'm willing to work harder. i feel like after talking to you about it our r/s is changing for the better, and i hope i'm not wrong about that. thank you for being mine, chaeyeon. i love you ♡ a cloud without his sun has no silver linings. just like ha sungwoon without jung chaeyeon, just another piece of dark cloud in the sky.
min yoongi 34 seconds ago Reply 
sungwoon i lava you like hnng I won't delete your precious pm..
kim doyeon 9 seconds ago Reply 
han hyeri 6 seconds ago Reply 
11:11 sungwoon oppa neoya mi style
han hyeri 2 minutes ago Reply 
ha sungwoon more like ha he makes me go sungswoon
han hyeri 32 seconds ago Reply 
@kyla massie @dumb sungwoon ♡ [ h ] 11 reasons why i love ha sungwoon tho its not 11:11 but i always 11:12 dedicate such post to him
pecks him x1. he's sincere in loving me,breally bothered to put in effort in accepting me knowing me && make sures i feel loved 
pecks him x2. he reminds me to eat my meals all the time
pecks him x3. his smiles make me feel warm when i'm sick
pecks him x4. his smooches make me weak when im spose be stronk woman han hyeri
pecks him x5. he unconciously mske me swoon over his looks and everything he does makes mi heart skip a beat
pecks him x6. he's adorable whenever he asks me to call him oppa cos he has oppa kink
pecks him x7. seven is my fav number and he can accept my love for chicken but he's also my chicken drumstick so muahs
pecks him x8. our height difference is perfect for cuddling c:: 
pecks him x9. he can tolerate my annoyingness
pecks him x10. i did this not bcos i got dared but bcos i also love him wholeheartedly
!bonus! pecks him on his lips x1(1): you're my 1 & only that makes me 1212 love you more
lee euiwoong 5 seconds ago Reply 
ha sungweewoon
han hyeri 4 minutes ago Reply 
names this the namchin wordplay
first oppa sung(mademes)woon 
then oppa sung to (woo)n me
finally oppa sung(w)o(on) my heart
han hyeri 8 seconds ago Reply 
wraps self around namchin ima shield u frm any danger !! are you talking to the mirror cos you're too hot, hot damn c:
dumber samuel ♡ [A] 12 seconds ago Reply
normal people ; sungwoon
me ; SUNGW♡♡N
hwang minhyun 16 seconds ago Reply
#1004 to cloud because he's an angel : D
park woojin 40 seconds ago Reply 
heh thank you sungwoon hyung you're amazeballz™ too ily : D
han hyeri 4 minutes ago Reply 
kwon junhui [A] 6 hours ago Reply 
@zhou jieqiong @yoon jeonghan @park [email protected] sungjin [ sh ] @park sicheng @park kyung [ sh ] @park junghyun @lim sungjin @lee seunghoon @lee seokmin @jung yerin @kwon soonyoung [ sh ] @kwon hyunbin [ sh ] @kim yerim @kim namjoon @kim jinhwan @kim dabin @kang [email protected] kyungwon @kang chanhee @jeon wonwoo @im nayoung @huang renjun @hong jisoo @ha sungwoon @chwe hansol @cha eunwoo @bae sungyeon [ sh ] hi : D my precious loveS im dedicating my 30k to you precious peop l e bc yall rly give me a good time here in weewoo !! i cant rly say much bc most of the things ill be saying are in the padlet so click on the link below !!!!!!!!! i love you guys <3
yeo hwanwoong 50 seconds ago Reply 
you're always cute sungwoon
kwon junhui [A] 37 seconds ago Reply 
i lov u too sungwoon <3
im nayoung [A] 1 minute ago Reply 
ha sungwoon ( sh ) [A] 34 seconds ago Reply 
ayoung [A] 1 minute ago Reply 
im nayoung
hong nayoung
wen nayoung
kwon nayoung
choi nayoung (bc dotter of scoups)
chwe nayoung (shipped w vern)
zhou nayoung
oh nayoung (seunghee babe)

oh wow

i dun hv

im n(h)ayoung
choi yerim 15 seconds ago Reply 
sungwoon, the peace maker of the alts
jeon wonwoo 6 seconds ago Reply 
if sungyoon is y then sungwoon is w yay
an hyeri 7 seconds ago Reply 
shuddap sungwoo hairy fairy is the qtest concept cos sungwoon visuals make my hair stand frm all the super good lookig. Hot vIbes
han hyeri 53 seconds ago Reply 
yes yes wonwoo & jINHWAN dONT THEY ACT LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME IT REMINDS ME OF ICE VRRAM AND AWPEM btw boyfie u complete my sentence like u complete me
hyeri 2 minutes ago Reply 
@ha sungwoon ehem, i came on rmbin our monthsary so pardon me if i speak glibberish cos my brain is currently fried and im rushing to type this; mr cloud 9; u make me fluffier than clouds or cotton candies are and honestly, that alone is sufficient. i dont believe in fairytales but meeting u was a fairytale bc dreams do come true, hppy endings do exist & cant wait so spend more 11:12 with you bcos on this very date, our 5th monthsary, i want to just say ilusm & idh to say it bc uk u'll be the only one in my shimjang
jung chaeyeon 48 seconds ago Reply 
pecks sungwoon's forehead before peppering kisses down to your nose bridge and to your lips muahs goodnight namchin








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