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out of character: gmt + 8 person. don't expect some real fast replies from me, since i can be busy at times, or lazy. do poke me if i don't reply for you after 72 hours. you can always message me on walls or pm, i won't mind.
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what do you even say in this things? anyway, i'm a v nice person. pls talk to me. if you ever need someone to hug or to talk to or something i'm here to help (except when it's about money bc i'm broke af okay). i love you, whoever you are.
kyot lover
name: hong jisoo
date:  050517
message: yikes. this is where people usually put those cheesy and sappy messages. wikihow to be sweet and cheesy and sappy. uhm, well i just want you to know that i love you with all my heart even if i don't say it. the thought of you makes me smile. did you know that your smile can make my heart go doki doki real fast? i can't believe that such perfection exists in a person, and i also can't believe that, that person is mine.
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kwon soonyoung 19 seconds ago Reply
nayoungs the only one that is nice to me hhhh g h ysingou all dont deserve anything

boo seungkwan [A] 18 seconds ago Reply
when u wanna come up with a good ship name for fire and nayoung but bc they both have youngs in their name

all u got is nayoung.... soonyoung......

too young i sh

choi seungcheol 2 minutes ago Reply
c ri e s

nayoung is so sweet

kwon soonyoung 1 minute ago Reply

kim mingyu [A] 1 minute ago Reply
u the real mvp nayoung

kwon soonyoung 19 seconds ago Reply
nayoung i love u like woah u so adorable trhtgregg

kim mingyu [A] 1 minute ago Reply
nayoung's the bestest < 333333

park junghyun [A] 1 minute ago Reply
awWw w whAT a cUtE gif leedah

jung eunwoo 36 seconds ago Reply
nayoung is so cute <3

yoon jeonghan 19 seconds ago Reply
i love nayoung's cheekseu-

chu sojung 2 minutes ago Reply
nayoung is trying to kill us


oh seunghee 1 minute ago Reply
I luv u so much nayoung ;;;^;;; ♡♡♡

ur the swan to my ugly duckling.

jeon wonwoo 14 seconds ago Reply
hey thanks for taking care of us
you deserve the world nayoung ,

boo seungkwan [A] 1 day ago Reply
@im nayoung awwwh nayoung ♡♡ you're one of the nicest gurl we ever had u v u thanks for being so kind you da the realest mvp

f inger hearts ya jbc ♡

yoon jeonghan 52 seconds ago Reply
we love you too nayoung~ <3

p.s. i'm your mom-

choi seungcheol 1 second ago Reply
ily nayoung including your typos

choi seungcheol 1 minute ago Reply
nayoung is the best child

lee luda 3 seconds ago Reply
n ayou g. u heaven sent lady♡

chwe hansol 32 seconds ago Reply
did you fall from heaven nayoung cause you're an angel cOUGH

choi seungcheol 2 minutes ago Reply
i love cheesy nayoung

chwe hansol 2 minutes ago Reply
sends hearts to nayoung

park junghyun [A] 6 seconds ago Reply
nayoung is bae-er ♡

choi seungcheol 1 minute ago Reply
10 years later

nayoung becomes


oh seunghee 42 seconds ago Reply
na na na young. the gabriella to my troy.

kwon soonyoung 40 seconds ago Reply

nayoungs dp makes my heart swell hh h hh

chwe hansol 1 minute ago Reply
11/10 dp nayoung

chwe hansol 1 minute ago Reply
nayoung is the 14th member

yoon jeonghan 2 minutes ago Reply
that was so sweet, nayoung. <3 thanks for the effort you had exerted for you to be able to write that long message for us. just wanna let you know that we all care for you. you are such a precious girl and you have a special place in our hearts. keep being the most precious and adorable girl you are, nayoung. i love you. <3

choi seungcheol 3 minutes ago Reply
@im nayoung ILY2 NAYOUNG
you're so sweet like a sweet lil pEa hhhng ♥

chwe hansol 1 minute ago Reply
saksjfke you're my fave too

choi seungcheol 1 minute ago Reply
hhhh nayoung's cheesiness is the best e u e

xu minghao 23 seconds ago Reply
screams internal ly.
i love you--

wen junhui 1 minute ago Reply
i lo v e y ou nay o un g

wen junhui 53 seconds ago Reply
na y ou n g w i ll y ou ma r r y m e

wen junhui 23 seconds ago Reply
im nayoung 20 seconds ago Reply
wen junhui 49 seconds ago Reply

gets down on one knee and gives you a ring made out of candy?????

slips the candy ring on my ring finger - so are we engaged or whAt ?? s lapped

yE s yes we're engaged :'''''')

yoon jeonghan 2 minutes ago Reply
is this JunYoung i'm seeing?--

chu sojung 29 seconds ago Reply
We should name it NASA so you'll remember ma love for you is all over the space
Is smacked to cosmos

lee jihoon 52 seconds ago Reply
/Hugs Nayoung. Ily okay?

yoon jeonghan 52 seconds ago Reply
i love you nayoung <3

choi seungcheol 7 seconds ago Reply
bb nayoung i love u

choi seungcheol 15 seconds ago Reply
n a y o u n g

i l o v e u

kwon soonyoung 36 minutes ago Reply

nayoung n jisoos r the "no u are cute" "u are cuter" "u are the cutest" "no u are!!! hang up alr" couple

jung chaeyeon 1 minute ago Reply
nayoung makes a great leader o u o

yoon jeonghan 1 minute ago Reply
i love you too, my dearest nayoung <3

lee jieun 1 minute ago Reply
my internet decided to die as i was typing "we love you too, nayoung<3"
the love was too strong i guess

wen junhui 13 seconds ago Reply
chaeyeon i love you too but i love nayoung mo r e im so sorry

choi seungcheol 59 seconds ago Reply
nayoung quits svt once every few days

but she's still part of us no matter what :")

oh seunghee 23 seconds ago Reply
nayoung in specs.

I'm in love ♡

bae joohyun 4 seconds ago Reply
peppers kisses all over nayOung's face bc you're super hero ♡

choi seungcheol 9 seconds ago Reply
cries in a corner

bc nayoung is so precious and we dOn't deserve her

yoon jeonghan 20 seconds ago Reply

choi seungcheol 22 seconds ago Reply
nayoung: is stuck to her bed

there's no escape

kwon soonyoung 44 seconds ago Reply
u all are weak weak creatures against nayoungs sad face

jung wheein 11 seconds ago Reply
nayoung seems like that one sister who would barge into your room without even knocking just to steal one of your snacks from your stash and head out of the room or would be that type of sister who borrows your clothes but forgets to return it and ends up keeping it to herself.

bae joohyun 13 seconds ago Reply
you will still be my bias in svt, nayoung : "

wen junhui 7 seconds ago Reply
nayoung is so sc ar y

lee chan 2 seconds ago Reply
@im nayoung you're. so. adorable. /squishes your cheeks

choi seungcheol 27 seconds ago Reply
issa time to hajima 

nayoung you will nver leave us :")

park junghyun 20 seconds ago Reply
nayoung, baerene and i make a holy trinity

lee jihoon 11 seconds ago Reply
Wikihow to understand Nayoung Language.

lee luda 1 minute ago Reply
nayoung, u are also my wife, my first and official wifeu. for eternity, i have swore myself in front of my gods that no one can ever replace even in the after lifeu

lee daehwi 2 seconds ago Reply
nayoung noona, be my noona jsy? :c

hong jisoo 5 minutes ago Reply
@im nayoung you better not be sleeping late bb;;;;

incase you do tho sleep or my internet fails me pt.2- 
l eans in to smooch your cheek, then your forehead then your nose-
l eaves a quick peck on your lips-
s hushes you anyways : (

kwon soonyoung 17 seconds ago Reply
nayoung resident playgirl

park sooyoung 21 seconds ago Reply
do uk nayoung is a goddess ??? if u dont pls rot in hell jkilu

lee daehwi 1 minute ago Reply

oh seunghee 12 seconds ago Reply
pewdiepie mating calls nayoung tbvh ♡♡

park chaeyoung 7 seconds ago Reply
w rites using permanent marker that u are the godesss of all goddess !!

boo seungkwan [A] 6 seconds ago Reply
is nayo wee woo's resident chihuahua :v

kim mingyu [A] 6 seconds ago Reply
puppyoung ♡

wen junhui 25 seconds ago Reply
i love you nayoung. <3

dong sicheng 2 seconds ago Reply
who's that coming down the street, it's nayoug 

watch out bc that girl is a thug

samuel kim [A] 4 minutes ago Reply
nayo the director

jung wheein 12 seconds ago Reply
nayoung would be that kind of puppy who will literally go from cute to ready to fight you. she would also be that type of puppy who would run into your room at random times and spin around in circles whenever she needs your attention. will fall asleep in your lap and will keep lying down in your lap even after you place her somewhere else.

samuel kim [A] 13 seconds ago Reply
diwrecktor nim: wrecking ur pristin/ioi bias list since 1995

park seungjun 58 seconds ago Reply
nayoung is so passionate about everything :"
im smol

jeon jiwoo 11 seconds ago Reply
nayoung screaming + all caps

= intense

kim jiho 11 seconds ago Reply
ily nayoung youre so precious

dong sicheng 42 seconds ago Reply


here we have a case of nayoung being shy
girl we get it, joshua's just your type of guy
aren't you glad that i gave you that dare
you got to hold his hand, now that's rare
always teasing us well now it's time for you to make a move
joshua x nayoung, damn right i approve
but in all honesty, you two are perfect for each other
i ain't saying this as a friend, i'm saying this as yo brother

d rops mic

lalisa manoban 9 seconds ago Reply
nayoung's existence i'm in lovee

park junghyun 20 seconds ago Reply 

hi i love you did you know that

lee sungkyung 1 second ago Reply 
you're worth calling a babe. @nayoung

yoon jisung [A] 1 minute ago Reply 
im nayoung [A] 1 second ago Reply 
idk if this is allowed but

[!!!] die if youre not an admin

dis gurl is my fave she da mvp ♡

jeon jiwoo 26 seconds ago Reply 
nayoung is funny when drunk

someone get her drunk more often

kim doyeon 51 seconds ago Reply 

lim sejun 6 seconds ago Reply 
nayoung is now bts' new member

park bogum 1 hour ago Reply
blinded by nayoung's photo

couples are who?

park jisung 3 minutes ago Reply 
Nayoung noona is cute as ever

park jisung 14 seconds ago Reply 
Nayoung noona is pretty

kang younghyun 1 second ago Reply 
but you're my mayo

lee hyeri 31 seconds ago Reply 
writes 'nayoung's' on the back of my shirt

joshua better watch out

lee hyeri 27 seconds ago Reply 
nayoung pls marry me

kneels down and holds up a ring pop

lee hyeri 33 seconds ago Reply 
y'all look at the queen that is my wife <3

kwon soonyoung 5 seconds ago Reply
stfu nayo ur an angel u dont do such bs like mingyu

jeon jiwoo 31 seconds ago Reply
naynay is so cute when she gets all flustered i

yoon jeonghan 23 seconds ago Reply
wen junhui 55 seconds ago Reply


sounds like when nayoung is introducing herself while entering this room and then she suddenly hits the wall--
"hello there guys, my name is nayo-- unf!" okno--

choi seungcheol 28 seconds ago Reply
you are my fav dotter ♥

hong jisoo 39 seconds ago Reply 
squints at my replies

i-- w heezes bcs how to not love im nayoung ;;;;

kim doyeon 1 minute ago Reply 
oh my god nayoung just breathed we have all been # b l e s s e d

hong jisoo 50 minutes ago Reply 
1000th post - hong jisoo x im nayoung 050517

zhou jieqiong 4 seconds ago Reply 
i luv nayoung my wife

park junghyun 36 seconds ago Reply 
leader is adorable i love her so much i cry

kwon soonyoung 1 second ago Reply
im weak for nayoung hh h h

kim sejeong 20 seconds ago Reply 
shdgsh i just looked at nayoung's gallery and she's so adorable leave josh and run away with me juseyo

ong sicheng 1 second ago Reply 
c lings to nayoug for all of eternity

dong sicheng 13 seconds ago Reply 

yoon jeonghan 1 minute ago Reply 
nayoung is already the best so why would we still do this?--

kwon soonyoung 2 minutes ago Reply


nayoung is the best

kim minkyung 2 seconds ago Reply 

kim sohye 51 seconds ago Reply 
nayoung is too goddess to not have many wives : D

oh seungseok 17 seconds ago Reply 
nayoung deserves all the wives

lalisa manoban 4 seconds ago Reply 

kang kyungwon 34 seconds ago Reply
ily stone nayoung

ur the best

jung eunwoo 3 seconds ago Reply 
mama i love you

hong jisoo 2 minutes ago Reply 
@im nayoung w hee z es and pats my chest as i watch you do aegyo before reaching out to pat your head, laughing softly as you cover your face- w hyyy not? it was neomu neomu cute noona-

lee minho 2 seconds ago Reply 
i know you're taken, nayoung. but can i just comment how snekexy you are

lee suji 3 seconds ago Reply 
can i just put that out there that i love nayoung more

wen junhui 3 seconds ago Reply 
nayo and hong are so cu t e

kim inseong 1 minute ago Reply 
hong and nay would be goals but nope no time for romance

park chaeyoung 1 second ago Reply 
i find all of ur charas pretty bUT PRETTIEST NAYOUNG SHE MY NO. 1 wife then sinb is my no.1 im sister in law muahs

zhou jieqiong 41 seconds ago Reply 

lai guanlin 2 minutes ago Reply 
no you look like a stone wall nayoung a cute very cute stone wall.

lee sungkyung 56 seconds ago Reply
Nayoung: w akes up with the sun shining behind her, birds chirping and angels singing in the bg

im changkyun 19 seconds ago Reply 

im changkyun 3 minutes ago Reply 
nayo i hate you and i love you at the same time
what is this feeling

kim jungyeon 6 seconds ago Reply 
nayoung baby girl, you're always loved by me, nahee, and jayoung

jung eunwoo 6 seconds ago Reply 
♡ mama you're special.

park junghyun [ sh ] 16 seconds ago Reply
nayoung unnie is the a wonderful female, a ++++ role model
heart eyes at leader

HOT KOREAN CAMBOY 30 seconds ago Reply 
nayoung a sneke

kang mina [A] 22 seconds ago Reply 

dolphins be shakin

park jaeseok 23 seconds ago Reply 




park sicheng (sinderella) 5 seconds ago Reply 
nayoung would be with her squad pristin 
and every time joshua walks past
she's like
and jUst paniCs aggRessivELy

kong sungwoo [A] 1 minute ago Reply 
is it for your children

kong sungwoo [A] 1 minute ago Reply 
nasoo for the boy
youngji for the gurl

jeon wonwoo 1 minute ago Reply 
o nayo sorry you're the only other seventeen member i adore with all my heart and soul
the rest are diqs

jeon wonwoo 8 seconds ago Reply 
nayo the fanchant goddess

seo seunghee 2 minutes ago Reply 
jeon jiwoo 17 seconds ago Reply
the queen of fanchants

park sicheng 15 seconds ago Reply 
nayoug holds a special place in mi heartu

jung jaehyun 27 seconds ago Reply 
nayoung is so soft rn damn shes precious


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cute stuffs

mingyu shrine
10 reasons
why i love kim mingyu
+1 he is my twin. how can i not love my twin. he is the best twin ever istg
+2 he's cute when he's all soff and floofy!! like he's too adorableeeeee even if i deny it 24/7.
+3 he understands me like no man alive can ever do it's hella amazing. a+++++ for that.
+4 he's funny (atleast i think so) so yeah :D great sense of humor right there!
+5 he can turn me from a screaming crazy girl to a soft gooey mess im smad. he's one of the few people who can make me soft !!!
+6 he is strong (unlike me) and i admire him for that. idk i love twin's personality sm.
+7 even if he bullies me and teases me 25/8, i still know that he cares for me awe < 3 and he loves me so i'm good : D
+8 he can brighten up your day after 2 seconds it's amazing. he's a precious lil bean i lov
+9 he's speciaaal and unique and amazing. he's nothing like any other person in this world.
+10 i love him bc i just do ok bye


merry christmas !
to: nayo

dotter !! when i saw this i thought of you so why not give it to you righ t !! also yes u think you'd look really cu t e in this. merry christmas ily !!!
to: nayoung


you're awesome。

moon taeil 44 seconds ago Reply

jae ha 3 seconds ago Reply
nayoung was like "heck these sinners" so she came down from heaven because you know, she's An Angel, and decided to screw us and our sins and deleted everything b/c we're all disgusting lbr