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cho miyeon10:27:50 PMReply

guys i think we ruined bff she used to be so innocent

shin yuna1:28:43 AMReply

wen junhui [A]1:28:29 AMReply
correction: joy remains superior


ten > seokmin - innocent = pls tell us what the softest and most wholesome date you'd want to take joyi on is? include three different activities you could do throughout the day and what kind of meal you'd want to have with her. pls also tell us why you choose what you choose. - SO ok fiRST i wanna be the one to wake her up w a cute morning call and cook her breakfast (that's not pancakes) bc i wanna spend the whole day w her so what's better than seeing your cutest girl early in the morning. and then, once bfast is finished, idk if she would like but i wanna take her to different museums :(( all while i take photos of her. you see, while she's busy appreciating art, i'll be appreciating the greatest art which is her nyaha. and siNCE museum is kinda chill and stuff, i wanna take her to an arcade where we can have some fun,, and i'll attempt to get all the prizes for her but then i'll be giving up bc im a quitter like that so i'll end up buying her a stuffed toy and ice cream instead,, and technically she has me, so tell me who's the true winner here huh? :/ ofc it's me bc i have a whole Park Sooyoung mom i cant believe this #@[email protected]#$#!! thEN a bonus activity for the night, i'll surprise her with a picnic under the stars ?? yes , and then i'll k*iss her under nature's beautiful lights ok uwuwuwuwu

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weewoo's nun to honey glazed chicken thighs but i'm honestly just a regular park sooyoung.
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scroll for memories uwu

lee minho 28 seconds ago Reply you're a hot mess joy heh

kim taehyung 4 seconds ago Reply iM KIDDINH DLKFKGLH i love joyi even if she thinks she got more than i do

min yoongi 22 seconds ago Reply But you are soff joyi

lee jeno 2 minutes ago Reply joyi is nation’s mom

yan an 1 minute ago Reply like , so cool i am Slightly Intimidated

yan an 1 minute ago Reply i think , ur rlly cool

yan an 2 seconds ago Reply joyi is like my guardian angel

yan an11:06:57 PMReply i love joyi bff : (((

wen junhui [A]11:25:06 PMReply DSJDJDSSDN JOY YOU'RE SO CUTE

kim jongin2:45:11 PMReply joy is the one tht tlks lk ths and calls people cute


zhou rui [A] 2 seconds ago Reply 30k is ,,, for uh. me. i love myself dsndsgds self love is the best love. and for joy too maybe idk she wanted a dedic so here you go. ily.

ha sooyoung 18 seconds ago Reply i dedicate my 19k lives to my honey glazed twin xDD bc i kno how much she misses pancake alr kbye

son dongju11:36:51 PMReply ha sooyoung11:36:31 PMReply

let's all date joy

ha sooyoung11:09:10 PMReply :3 my t*ts milk 4 you joyi

lee nakyung2:00:07 AMReply joyi u r the joy of my life

lee nakyung11:53:48 PMReply I Love Joy

lee seokmin12:01:28 AMReply bless park sooyoung i loff her

lee seokmin12:08:22 AMReply i loff u, honey, , ,chicken

lee seokmin 36 seconds ago Reply im straight for joy n kinda soft gay for wonu then what does that make me


jung eunwoo1:31:05 PMReply U ALSO MI BFF I LOV ONE (1) WHOLE JOYI

lee seokmin 8:51:51 PMReply joyi's my guinevere

lee seokmin11:00:58 PMReply im a sub for joy This is Fact

lee seokmin 22 seconds ago Reply wraps my arms around joy's frame, snuggling closer to her. wherever you are, i'm always your home <3 i didnt sing that song for nothing

lee seokmin12:04:20 AMReply dont touch me during my subby hours

lee seokmin12:04:12 AMReply i love m*mmy joy Only

lee seokmin1:39:18 AMReply yes i'll be your knight in shining armor, , and your king arthur too :3

kim sihyeon5:37:08 PMReply (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ hehe ily joyi

lee seokmin 11 seconds agoReply [10000th] uwuwuwuwu i lov you too