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note: if you make me soft, that does not excuse you from being kicked. if you are cute and do things to attack me and hurt my feelings, you will also be kicked. @arin, baek, hendery, and jisun for now (mama is excluded bc i luh me mams)

mama's dare — go up to soul, dressed up as an owl and tell her a bunch of owl puns about how much you love her :D


jo haseul2:23:11 PMReply

this is why i am going to go solo and run away with my husband :-\


park jisung11:53:47 PMReply

lippington noonar

son hyejoo10:26:33 PMReply

lippy lippy lippy!! i livvy you a lotta
heh get it :>

jung jinsoul6:39:33 AMReply

lippy lippy lippy
my only happiness
my beautiful wife
the only one who loves me

jung jaehyun5:44:21 AMReply

lippy a wholesome angel sinner

hwang yeji2:34:59 AMReply

eyes ,, nose ,,
but lip is the only part of me i need uwu

hwang yeji2:42:23 AMReply

are u jungeun bc you're my liptonite

hwang yeji2:44:23 AMReply

are U JUNGEUN bc only with you my life is in equiliprium uwu


choi yerim7:17:04 AMReply

@kim jungeun YELLLLLLLSSSS i love you so much unnie you are my no.1 don't tell mama or anyone else :>




you're awesome。