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park junghyun 33 seconds ago Reply

blesss ten is gr8 bro

kim taehyung 3 minutes ago Reply (personal fave hng i use this all the time) (also a fave- was my phone wallpaper beforeireplaceditwithapicofjungkook)


kim doyeon 2 minutes ago Reply

hey ten are you from tennessee bcs you're the only ten i see

yoo shiah [ sh ] 3 minutes ago Reply

on a scale of one to ten, ten is an eleveny two !!

yoo shiah 44 seconds ago Reply

@chittaphon leechaiyakul do u see this? lemme explain this to u
im yzma, you're the teeny tiny pink bottle and I will drop you into the abyss of pain and death and suffering and pain...and..pAIN square root up nerd you have a number for a name nEEEERDD

kim minkyung 34 seconds ago Reply



im not

im not blushing


blushing is for losers

xiao dejun9:52:20 AMReply

park chaeyoung 1 day ago Reply
so from the moment that ten makes his next appearance you count four days and that'll be the duration of your dare. example: if ten posts on july 20th then your dare will last from july 20th to the 24th
my dare is: 
every time ten addresses you you can't be a tsun and you gotta call him daddy but you gotta stutter and giggle and every time he says your name you gotta moan and beg him to fill any of your orifices - it doesn't have to be super long because it's a long dare i know i'm so merciful

kim minkyung6:00:04 AMReply

furrows my brows in confusion as to why ten had to come up behind me when i was already standing right in front of him but I let it slide and turn myself around, bringing a hand up to knock my fist at his forehead before speaking in barely a whisper. I love you too.

xiao dejun [A]5:09:31 AMReply

ten my fave ge : D