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hello it's me.
kim donghan.

yeo hwanwoong 8 seconds ago Reply

yes im hwan and im donghan's in baby

yeo hwanwoong 20 seconds ago Reply

jeon wonwoo 58 seconds ago Reply
donghan is disgusting jesus

yeo hwanwoong 12 seconds ago Reply

gdi i l**e you

yeo hwanwoong 8 minutes ago Reply

i gue$$ im hella homo for uhm... some.. bo..dy

(note: somebody = kim donghan)

yeo hwanwoong 2 seconds ago Reply

hi im yeo hwanwoong and i also love kim donghan bye im goodnight aifwfjzohfsjsnfh

yeo hwanwoong 18 seconds ago Reply

well you look like a do®k and you're MY do®k, you said so...

yeo hwanwoong 8 minutes ago Reply

kim donghan

yeo hwanwoong 6 minutes ago Reply

i love you

yeo hwanwoong 27 seconds ago Reply

let me just, drown in your words im... i dont know what to say.. it's just... seeing you shuts me up and you're like a happy pill... i really do get g¡ddy when you're happy.. i mean it's literally contagious and i just.. being around your makes my day a million times brighter im not kidding. also like uhm... did i ever mention you're so f©king handsome dbehfjek wtf©k mang im...i cant explain but when you look at me i just want to.. to just die right then and there for being Blessdt by being stared at by a great guy dbhxusxuake fefjdjfjjahx im soRRy i cant express $h¡et im bad at this so when i say "ok" i rlly want to say alot of things but i just... cant.. unless i want to die of a heart attack

yeo hwanwoong 1 minute ago Reply

and that im going to **** you up so hard you'll never leave my place or your place or our place

yeo hwanwoong 24 seconds ago Reply

park junghyun 32 seconds ago Reply
he's a sinnamon roll heheheh

yeo hwanwoong 22 seconds ago Reply

i'd say i mi$$ but he's right there

yeo hwanwoong 1 minute ago Reply

i love my do®k, kim donghan

yeo hwanwoong 3 seconds ago Reply

s¡nnamon bun is donghan

kim sihyun 4 minutes ago Reply

donghan how are your boy's s
do they lactate for you

yeo hwanwoong 11 seconds ago Reply


yeo hwanwoong 9 seconds ago Reply

food is irrelevant when han's around

yeo hwanwoong 28 seconds ago Reply

look here you big guy, iM not much and you're this... giaNT floof who makes me feel loved 25/8 even though you're like the Most Confused Person i know and i just... how mAng??? ¿¿ i fcken love you more than chicken and my dancing that's saying something because theyve been my Whole Life before i met you and i just cjsjdj

kim sohye 12 seconds ago Reply

but donghan is cute

oh seunghee 37 seconds ago Reply

donghan and hwan are so adorable I'm

yeo hwanwoong 1 minute ago Reply

i love you :( ( ((((

yeo hwanwoong 1 hour ago Reply Room →

@kim donghan hey hey hey you want something sc¡ence-y and nerdy? coffee can cause card¡ac arrhythm¡as (diseases with ¡rregularit¡es in heartbeat) in the long run. but that means you're l¡ek're my coffee. 
(1) i can't stop from dr¡nk¡ng you all in
(2) caffe¡ne is addicting and so are you
(3) you can keep me up all n¡ght
(4) you warm me all up ¡ns¡de
(5) you g¡ve me lots of those irregular heartbeats i just told you about and i wouldnt m¡nd hav¡ng them forever if they're from you

ok wtf©k th¡s was hella nerdy but i immediately thought of you so djejcjdjjdieid byE

yeo hwanwoong ( sh ) 20 seconds agoReply

oh i dont know kim donghan i only know Mr. Ideal Man dudhxhshd

yeo hwanwoong ( sh ) 36 seconds agoReply

you exist for me hi baby dhehdhhwxjjw

yeo hwanwoong ( sh ) 1 minute agoReply

hirai momo 8 seconds ago Reply
donghan is so pretty


bae sungyeon ( sh ) 2 minutes ago Reply

hwannie is so in love you with you we can smother him with a pillow just to shut him up but he's Unstoppable™

yeo hwanwoong ( sh ) 51 seconds agoReply

7000th for hAn because when im with him it's like im in 7th heaven but 1000x better

yeo hwanwoong ( sh ) 1 minute agoReply

you're already gorgeous baby, you can go if yOu wAnt but it's a weed¡ng

yeo hwanwoong 2 minutes ago Reply

what the heck i love kim donghan so much he makes me want to cry but then also makes me want to smack myself face first into a wall because how the f©k is he existing he's perfect and that's illegal im no police i cant arrest him but i waNT to but bottomline is i can do all these things in Real Time so i just clench my fist and shake it and let my heart quiver while i try not to combust

yeo hwanwoong (hwan ketchum) 53 seconds ago Reply

uh h h yeah? it's the kim donghan who's confused at least once a day, who yells 'i love you's when he' s too speechless to say things, and the one who's palpitating daily because of me... this guy, i fell in love with???

kwon hyunbin (the man in black) ( sh ) 43 seconds ago Reply

hwan and han are so disgusting but lowkey cute ew i dont kno them

yeo hwanwoong (hwan ketchum) 41 seconds ago Reply

friend: hey who's your boyfriend
me: throws a pokeball at donghan
me: that tall guy, i chose him

yeo hwanwoong (hwan ketchum) 40 seconds ago Reply

ding dong this is a public service announcement. i love kim donghan. that's all. kzzt out

seo sunghyuk (the wizard) 23 seconds agoReply

there are five things in life hwan hyung really cherishes:
1. donghan hyung
2. donghan hyung
3. donghan hyung
4. dancing
5. chicken

so yeah, it's a real threat

yeo hwanwoong 1 minute ago Reply

you wanna know what happens when i see you kim ing donghan? my heart does triple violent flips they might destroy my ribcage out but then i stop myself and always ask 'why' because wow look at you, you could make everyone in the room stare at you just by standing there and what, i never understood why you only found me in a sea of better people. and like wow, knowing those things, the one in your list, give me reassurance??? because i dont know, you say i act confident but no, i act tough with all my cussing and but deep inside im just a big floof ball and a n even bigger ball of sap for you like han i love you really holy ing i you not i find everything about you so fascinating you could hang yourself up in the sky and i'll say wow what a star. hdbwnenwnwnnaNw i jusf - you're jusf? wow? i. i dont knkw really i- yeah

yeo hwanwoong 1 minute ago Reply

i could be a hippocampus because it's main function is for memories so like if im one, i could store all my memories with han and never forget em ⊂( ´ ▽ ` )⊃

seven little things (hover + click for more)
i love you so damn much, you know that? of course you do i say it like at least once a day oops
I love you way more than you realize.
wow what a gorgeous flower? so beautiful, nature's so kind to us. those yellow things are pretty too i guess
you are more beautiful than anyone i've ever seen.
this is the face i make whenever i malfunction, i just hold that face for like 3 minutes bc palpitations are difficult
You make me so happy without even meaning to.
i like that you made this your dp because it was so easy to imagine you curled up like this on my chest on a rainy sunday morning
one day, i really want you to wife me up.
i didn't know i was a giant dork baby hybrid until i met you, i thought i was gonna be a momo 2.0 and stay in the basement forever
You make me learn new things about myself.
look at this face - look at your face. i wanna make you smile so big and large bec that's how i always smile around you
I want to make you as happy as you make me.
You're mine, and i'm yours.
coded by yxgurt
merry christmas !
to: han

I love you papi and zaddy <3 Merry Christmas (the middle one was yebs' idea)
to: doghan

this was supposed to be just a prank gift because i keep calling you doghan but Ok if you wanna use it for real then feel free to do sO. merry christmas kek ily don't kill me


you're awesome。