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zhou jieqiong [A]17:39:10Reply

omg yuri a qt

wang yibo19:28:19Reply

the s(c)ulley to your hitchcock

byun baekhyun07:36:14Reply

you know i'll do whatever it takes to protect you right, yuri

wong kunhang00:45:45Reply

kim junkyu4:45:37 PMReply
yuri's face is so round n cute she looks like a tangerine

kim junkyu00:46:43Reply

wong kunhang4:46:49 PMReply
she's a literal cutie

kim junkyu19:16:55Reply

eats yuwi’s cuteness because that’s filling

lee jinsook 2 minutes ago Reply

yuri, my one and only *^*

kim junkyu21:50:19Reply

mi lil ducky :D

kim junkyu 47 minutes ago Reply

my treasure13 profile i'll write down
jo yuri's #1 :D

kim junkyu 47 minutes ago Reply

on my business card it'll say 
Kim Junkyu 
Jo Yuri's #1

kim junmyeon [ h ]21:42:08Reply

no one: 
me: BUT HAVE YOU SEEN IRENE *gestures*

choi yujin17:44:32Reply

yan an [A]12:44:26 AMReply
baejoo only gets more beautiful with age

kim junmyeon [ h ]21:37:02Reply

mama bear has always been my favorite bear :D