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ahn heeyeon 9 seconds ago Reply

chad future is everyone's ultimate bias

jung soojung 21 seconds ago Reply

chad future i have been blessed with this blast from the past


jung soojung 2 seconds ago Reply

king kong i'll be ur shrek

lee geonhee 15 seconds ago Reply

jongin has six letters in his first name. his last name, kim, consists of three letters. kim jongin was 22 years old in 2016 when exo reached the 100 million view milestone on overdose. three letters, times two, is six. six is widely suspected to be the number of the devil. again, jongin also has six letters in his first name. thus, we may suspect jongin is the reincarnation of the devil. illuminati confirmed.
coincidence? i think not

jung soojung 1 minute ago Reply

dedicates 777 to king kong ilu