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my sunshine

   i love you my sunshine

kim hwiyoung 6 seconds ago Reply
psa kang chani is unofficially minE okok

kim hwiyoung 40 seconds ago Reply
i love you kim chanhee !

papa's favorite precious angel face son hwiyoung ♡ 1 second ago Reply
cHANI i love you

papa's favorite precious angel face son hwiyoung ♡ 5 seconds ago Reply
rOARS i love kim chANHEE

kim hwiyoung 10 seconds ago Reply
i feel like i only come on to say 'kim chanhee nO'

kim hwiyoung 1 minute ago Reply
@kang chanhee dear future kim chanhee,
you deserve so much more than just my mere words but istg
once i'm a lil less busy, we'll have a whole day filled with dates okay !!
you also deserve much more than me, a stupid boyfriend thats barely here for you ;;
but im so so glad you're here and i love you so much, i cant even describe it
you're the most adorable being on the planet and i cant ask for more from god
i promise to cherish you even more till we've reached our nth year anniversary, alright?
its just you and me, baby boy - you're everything to me and and i love you

happy two months, precious ♡

kim hwiyoung 3 seconds ago Reply
cLimbs up rowoon and scREAMS I LOVE KIM CHANHEE

my memories


park kyung 16 seconds ago Reply
that makes hwiyoung chani's significant otter

hwang minhyun 1 minute ago Reply
hwi and chani are that one 5 year old couple that sit in the corner holding hands and stare at everything with their large doe eyes filled with purity and innocencE

lee luda 1 minute ago Reply
chanhee's dp it's blinding my eye s

lee jeno 1 minute ago Reply
chani's dp i-

jung eunbi 27 seconds ago Reply
bae sungyeon [ sh ] 29 seconds ago Reply
chani is so kayoot ;;

bae sungyeon [ sh ] 1 minute ago Reply
s QuEals omg chani is so cute

lee luda 3 minutes ago Reply
hwi and chani are so cute ack

kim yerim 19 seconds ago Reply
chanhee u are ruined Goodbye

bae sungyeon 7 seconds ago Reply

im imagining chanhee w a aura but is actually wildt in bed

park junghyun 53 seconds ago Reply
i wonder what'll happen to chanhee when he turns legal
is he gonna be wildt like the rest of the amigays

bae sungyeon 33 seconds ago Reply
chani and hwiyoung make me go SofT

myoui mina 14 seconds ago Reply
yoo jungyeon 44 seconds ago Reply
chanhee's so adorable wh y

park junghyun [ sh ] 53 seconds ago Reply
the cutest award goes to chanhee fo sho

park junghyun [ sh ] 32 seconds ago Reply
kwon junhui 14 seconds ago Reply
choi yoojung 1 second ago Reply
chanhee's a qt aw

yeo changgu 51 seconds ago Reply
chanhee? more like chanshine heh

lee jieun 25 seconds ago Reply
chani yOU CUTIE

jeon wonwoo [ sh ] 52 seconds ago Reply
chani would prolly be strawberry

kwon junhui [A] 4 seconds ago Reply
chani is a cute

seo youngho (the handsome dj) 4 seconds ago Reply
chanhee and hwi are so c u te

chu sojung (the lifeguard) 1 minute ago Reply
why is hwichan so cute im dying

seo youngho (the handsome dj) 5 seconds ago Reply
chanhee and hwi are so cu t e

my icons


kim hwiyoung 9 seconds ago Reply

the chanhee in kim chanhee stands for the love of my life !!

you're awesome。