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The Love of MY LIFe



song mingi
hi, my baby birb, my favorite littol birb. we're finally doing what we said we were going to do!! we're going to get married and run away together hehe. can you believe it? we're going to finally run away together!!
i just wanted to make this for you to show you how much i love you hehe. and to dedicate my 15,000 to you. thank you for always supporting me and loving me no matter who we are or where we are. you always wish me the best of luck and you always encourage me to do the best that i can and i am grateful for that. thank you for being such a positive part of my life and helping me with any hair questions hehe.

anyway, i hope this brings a little bit of joy into your day. i love you with all my heart and more. thank you for being such a ball of sunshine and i hope that i can do the same for you. i'm so so so proud of you and of your accomplishments. hehe i'm sure you'll unlock the biggest and final achievement soon :> i love you lots, song mingi. thank you for being the cutest, tollest, most loving fiance ever. your smol bebe birb loves you lots!! ⸜₍๑•⌔•๑ ₎⸝