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blue ranger amigay

     i love you baby boy

park jinyoung 3 minutes ago Reply
lim sungjin (the titan) 3 minutes ago Reply
park jinyoung 7 seconds ago Reply
guys idk what to be for halloween

my boyfriend

error #404 jinyoung died


lim sungjin 
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lee minhyuk 25 seconds ago Reply
it's just sungjin's first day yet he is a violent fellow.
kim dahyun 20 seconds ago Reply
Sungjin daddy?
xu minghao [A] 34 seconds ago Reply
i love sungjin lots !!!
yoon jeonghan 8 seconds ago Reply
minghao and sungjin are wildt-
xu minghao [A] 1 second ago Reply
mo a n s e rotically and louDLY
d a d d y s u n g j i n h a r D E R
lee seokmin 10 seconds ago Reply
im changkyun 22 seconds ago Reply
able ultra bottom ! wonwoo 53 seconds ago Reply
u sungjin

but he actually wants you to
im nayeon 13 seconds ago Reply
who's lim sungjin 
idk a lim sungjin
kim minjae 26 seconds ago Reply
hi jun pls stop sungjin for us thanks
im nayeon 1 minute ago Reply
does sungjin just like 
to himself
park chaeyoung 39 seconds ago Reply
sungjin prob got those biceps frm
lee gahyeon 24 seconds ago Reply
sungjin's body is gr8 >>>>
woo jinyoung 47 seconds ago Reply
f ck i am g ay for s ungjin dp bye.
lee yeji 14 seconds ago Reply
Sungjin's going to leave a really painful mark on whoever he'll get laid with
ha sungwoon ( sh ) [A] 2 minutes ago Reply
sungjin wants to have his made into a doorbell maybe : )
kim taehyung 59 seconds ago Reply
Sungjin, Kyung wants you to get off his lawn
im nayoung [ sh ] [A] 3 minutes ago Reply
im not short but compared to sungjin im wtF
yoon sanha 9 seconds ago Reply
how many doors has sungjin broken i stopped counting after five
jeon wonwoo [ sh ] 2 minutes ago Reply
sungjin would be rocky road ez
jung eunbi (pikabi) 13 seconds ago Reply
oohhh are you guys official now tho @sungjin???
chu sojung (the lifeguard) 20 seconds ago Reply
aren't sungjinx and jinyoung official now tho i
im changkyun (seokwoo's soft princess) 34 seconds ago Reply
s woons at jinyoung and sungjin

i'm hot