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kim kibum 25 seconds ago Reply 

jiyeon gets me

kim kibum 9 seconds ago Reply 

jiyeon is really savage and salty it's great

meng jia 17 seconds ago Reply 

damn i love you jiyeon

kim kibum 3 seconds ago Reply 

jia is like
the nutcracker
trying to get the sugar plum fairy to come out of jiyeon

emily bett rickards 12 seconds ago Reply

Jiyeon is A+

jung soojung 21 seconds ago Reply 

if the flowers are the real beauties, why in the world my eyes fixated on the crouching cutie?

jung soojung 27 minutes ago Reply 

places a heart sticker on jiyeon hoho. see ya lovely peeps around

jung soojung 5 seconds ago Reply 

why park jiyeon when you can ride jiyeon :^)

jang dahye 6 seconds ago Reply 

Gotta love Jiyeon lmao

jung soojung 1 minute ago Reply 

she made a reference of camp rock movie, she's a keeper

jung soojung 2 minutes ago Reply 

@park jiyeon need to get the walls away because im staying in your heart ! plslikeitbcsilikepossessivehhjk c': i love you hUzZaH





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jung soojung 21 seconds ago Reply 

@park jiyeon alright, highkey disappointed in myself for falling asleep hh I've heard it but I truly didn't expect this to happen - I thought you were just being a little dork that can't wait to hit 1k c": that moment when I know I gotta keep it short because if I show my smitten side, I would probably be real clingy and weeping in your arms since my heart is way too happy. I need to keep my chill or you'll leave me - kidding but might be true c': i've checked all of the videos and i love every single one of them. The facts about yourself are simply adorable and I'll treasure every facts, I'm sure it'll give me tons of advantage if I'm planning to do something for you. The last one, the beautiful writing that managed to get me having a breathing issue for a couple of minutes and almost put myself on cardiac arrest due to how it does things to me by just reading it. I think I've kept you way too long so let me just go straight to the point even though I'm not straight at all and I should probably stop being lame too. I love you too, park jiyeon, my happiness, my ethereal japan empress to my nana, my everything in this world. You have no idea how much I've waited forever for this beautiful moment to come. To the question in your writing, my answer is yes. in a million years it will always be a yes. I'll do the honour and be your young love, park jiyeon.