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chwe hansol (vernllama) 1 minute ago Reply

since this is my last minutes alR - walking closer to haerim, tucking her hair behind her ear, cupping her face with my hands as i plant a soft kisses on her forehead, on either side of her cheek and a last one on the corner of her lips. it was a nice three hr experience with you and i hate to say goodbye but :c time was too fast and lucy, who also misses you and the sunlight alr, is screaming from the basement. thank you for making me Ultra Soft, giving weird fluttering feelings in my chest and for volunteering to be my 3hr lover :D you're rly the prettiest - and cutest - girl ever and i'll never forget the moments that i spent with you. i have more things to say but i'm cutting this short, , i'll miss you girlfraaan c':


c oughs    


hwang minhyun [A] 1 minute ago Reply

gnite to elly only ♡


between our laughs, dumb jokes, names calling and small talks, i fell in love (again).
i've hurt you once but since then i've been regretting my decisions all along. i just didn't tell you because i thought you'd moved on.
11.11.2017 — the (re)union of two s*****s through caesar cipher. im sorry for being late but happy 1 month baby girl ♡ i love you u v u
merry christmas !
to: elly the cutie

since you already gave me your christmas present (i'll wear it well dw u v u) then i felt like i should too because taking you out on an expensive christmas dinner is too bleak as a christmas gift. it's not even a gift - so except for my love that i give you, i've decided to also send you smth. heh i love you and merry christmas love ♡
hi it's your boyfriend of two months, hwang minhyun. two months. i can't believe we've only been together for two months i thought we were at least 4 years old. jk that was exaggerated. you know you're a very bubbly and loving little girl and i just can't help but fall harder and harder every day for you. can you stop being so cute my heart did many flips i was kidding don't stop being my cute meme. happy 2nd monthsary elly-yah ♡ i love you more u v u
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pristin's chubby-cheeked vocalist, bae sungyeon imnida. you can look but you can't touch. + my lip smoochies are for bae only.

thank you for gracing my wall with your presence. please don't shy away from leaving anything on it !! 

ppoppo f ingerhearts saranghae 
배성연 shannon
name :
bae sungyeon
born :
may 25, 1999
to this cutie
hi, i just want you to know that i love you very much. i definitely won't do anything to upset you. i may look like i need to be protecc but i could do the protecc too. also, i love nickies so please don't hold back in giving me one. also, please don't hold back in being cheesy- and don't mind wonu, he's my big nitwit of a brother

ew @ self but ilY, my loser.

fambam & frands
wonu || he loves kitties don't ask
mamayoung <3
bby girl siyeonnie
yeye <3
yuha eonni <3





i don't own this beautiful sunshine and neither does pledis; bae sungyeon is grate on her own.

also, gmt+8 here. i'm sorry if i doze off on any of you, i'm basically a post-grad heol.

message me anytime, loves~













merry christmas !
to: haerim
you're awesome。