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rene's cornerー。
your wall has been invaded by a bored irene
you idiot i already miss you and im not even got yet.
But then i wasnt able to resist not going in here bc of you smh
Bangs head against kyung wall bc uhm,, nothing
3:38 pm you ruined my wall
090717 20:06:23 baby
10:09 pm istg park kyung >:(
090817 6:50:06 my dark verlord
Guess what. Your 11:11 worked. Thanks
20:50:58 babe
you give the weirdest but cutest nicknames
090917 12:14:15 im inTERNALLY SCREAMING y do u have to so fjsjfkdnfjf i h8 >:(( idk how to reply to that
youre the branch to my poppy. bc trolls r just cute. pls you and branch are alike lmao
091317 12:10 i finally fixed this corner yay pls be proud
You keep making me feel weird things im not ok
i miss you so damn freaking much jfc
i hope you're doing okay or else im going to hunt you down >:(
Even if you have muscles now youre still weak yknow
daddy < 333333333 
jsabsdjn hello it's been a long time since i last said something here. anyway hi i love you
i kinda rly sorta well not rly, actually i rly need your hug right now.
Z-test, t-test, f-test. All these statistical tests but you're still the q-test.


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Hello to the love of my life. If you're reading this and could read it properly then it means that this thing worked. hAh. I'm sorry it's not /that/ aesthetic; I'm a poor excuse of an artistic person and the only things I'm confident about myself are my dad jokes and my undying love for you.

First of all, I personally didn't reply to your wall post because I want to say them to you in this long 'thing.' I want to make my reply sincere so I thought I could include it here so- yeah, here goes:

You're not a bad girlfriend, you never were. I don't know where that came from, I mean, honestly. I'm dating you because I want to, because I've developed great feelings for you - feelings I never realized I would feel for you? I mean, hey, we were fighting like ALOT. You gotta admit that this thing between us came as a surprise because woW, 'rene, I only realized I liked you when one day the realization that I actually find you cute hit me like a truck. Yeah, you're mean to me at times and I know I aggravate you alot with my teasing but I think we both know that that's how we work as a couple. I don't mind that you're not being sweet and sappy and cute like how the other girls are to their boyfriends. I ain't ting you when I say I actually find you very cute when mad. I find it strangely endearing. Maybe because you're tiny (my wittle girl hAh) or maybe it's because you're only like that to me which ! I must say, makes me feel so special - not that I already feel special enough being Bae Irene's boyfriend and all but y e a h - please get my drift. So- don't ever think that you're a bad girlfriend or that you're or something because that ain't true. Being A Mess and not cheesy doesn't make you one. Just be who you are because if you even change just one single bit of wouldn't be the Bae Irene I fell for. So just do you, keep being mean to me, keep messing things up. I'll pick your up and clean up your mess because this what I signed up for and I wouldn't want this, us, in any other way.

Anyway, holy crap that must have been fuccing long I am so sOrRy but I reaLLY just want to tell you how much I love you as you are. Happy first month! Trust me when I say I've said alot I probably couldn't think of anything else to say once our second month comes. LMAO.

I love you!

p.s. you must be a garbage truck woman or something. well, because I'm trash. A trash for you. badumtsss.


merry christmas !
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you're awesome。