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im changkyun [ sh ] 3 minutes ago Reply  

kevin's voice made me n*t tbh

lee jaehyun 4 minutes ago Reply

it was the eclipse yesterday 
new moon today

im changkyun [ sh ] 4 minutes ago Reply

can you kids n ot attacc my baby moon

chu sojung [ sh ] 1 minute ago Reply

at this rate i might just have to adopt all eristic charas smh

kim younghoon [ h ] 1 minute ago Reply

"ppanghoon" coos intensifies
loves the only moon that matters through all 4 dimensions

im changkyun 1 minute ago Reply

i love my kevins

lee chan [A] 38 seconds ago Reply

i love how the kevins are just,, kevins no matter who they are


im changkyun 5 seconds ago Reply

better jun okno

araki yuko 53 seconds ago Reply

heaves istg if anyone tries to steal ma man

im changkyun 36 seconds ago Reply

psa junyoung makes me feel hFhgJjlk even when i'm in an icky mood



lee chan [A] 34 seconds ago Reply

wong yukhei 1 second ago Reply 
lee jeno 33 seconds ago Reply
son naeun 45 seconds ago Reply
JIHUN GOT A [ nicki minaj voice ] FAT

kim jongin 3 seconds ago Reply

top 5 idols with the best

2.jihun jihun

im youjin 21 seconds ago Reply


kwon hyunbin 27 seconds ago Reply

kim youjin 10 seconds ago Reply
"i lov that its my favorite "

ok but jihuns

kim youjin 41 seconds ago Reply

drapes his arms around the younger's shoulders before smothering him with brief smooches. 
happy birthday asscheeks, may your forever stay thicc and spank worthy. he'll come back soon don't you worry :"D

wong yukhei 1 second ago Reply

i stan jihun only for his

im changkyun 3 minutes ago Reply

c Oos aggressively at boyfriend's dp

merry christmas !
to: seokwoo

beep boop ♡
you probably know who this is but just act like you don't okay? hi, baby. you've been amazing so far. we've had our ups and downs and we're not even officially together yet but i know i love you and i will for a long time. i thought you'd look good in leather so i got this jacket for you. my forever teddy bear, merry christmas ♡♡♡


you're awesome。