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                  just me, lil ol mochi.

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Park jimin!


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age // 21

date of birth // oct 13

orientation // demi

marital status // taken 

occupation // bum

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posted 1 day ago

hyunjin. 24 seconds ago Reply 
dean. 5 seconds ago Reply
goodbye jungkook
credit me for the army bomb
jia. 25 seconds ago Reply 
bish not you. you're ing amazing jimin
jia. 58 seconds ago Reply 
awe jimin is so cute
jaehyun. 4 seconds ago Reply
jimin makes me happy
jia. 1 minute ago Reply
jimin is such an loving and kind asf boi seriously you'll fall in love with him like i did c:
jungkook. 1 minute ago Reply
jimin makes me soft
taehyung. 2 minutes ago Reply
jimin seems cute aw
jaehyun. 19 seconds ago Reply
jimin makes my j squad proud
taehyung. 1 minute ago Reply
jinyoung. 1 minute ago Reply
cli ng s onto mochi's tiny leg :'> i missed ya noisy self too c':
bobae. 1 minute ago Reply
drums on jimin's instead
sora. 13 seconds ago Reply
Jimin you are handsome everyday
jinyoung. 8 seconds ago Reply
jim is my aesthetic
jinyoung. 30 seconds ago Reply
im such a trash for jim
doyeon. 13 seconds ago Reply
jimin. [A] 3 seconds ago Reply
Wym issa already a sinner
jimin is a child of satan.
loco. 55 seconds ago Reply
Jimin my dude you do look mighty fine
Making me have these feelins
Lol okno lemme stop
loco. 37 seconds ago Reply
Bye jimin
Makes a ugly heart

jongin. [h] 40 seconds ago Reply
me: aw that's adorable
jimin: giggles with his dirty thoughts
guanlin. 20 seconds ago Reply
everyone would think you're handsome jimin hyung
pretty even

loco. 2 minutes ago Reply
Winks at jimin

loco. 27 seconds ago Reply 
/nods nods
yup im taking good care of it
<3 this hot piece of appreciates you
baekina george. 24 seconds ago Reply 
g is for gtfo jimin ♡
baekina george. 24 seconds ago Reply 
protects my little chimpanzee jimin


posted 1 day ago




posted 3 days ago

who where status

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posted 6 days ago


name: jia boo.

date: 7/17/17.

status: happily taken.

(Placed over ma heartu)
I have been claimed
" meng jia [A] 2 minutes ago Reply @park jimin well i'm trash for you mofo"
jia. 25 seconds ago Reply bish not you. you're ing amazing jimin



out of character!

posted 1 week ago

I. i do any pov, but perfer 3rd. 

II. i can go from descriptive to para.

III. id prefer a plot over winging it .

IV. im open to any ideas or thoughts you have.

V. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT GIVE ME 1-3 LINES, its not enough to work with. unless we are just chatting.

VI. im gmt-5, i to have a life so bare with me if my replies take a little longer than others. do not poke me.

VII. if you see me in the chat room but i have not replied: 1) i have no motivation or 2) im multitasking,

I love making new friends so dont hesitate to talk to me c:


Noot noot!

posted 4 weeks ago

now playing . . .

♫ mama - jonus blue ft william singe 


















meng jia Jul 8, 2017 8:26:54 Reply History  #iframethatsweetasfshietuyousweetassmofo c": /smiles widely by your sweet asf words, trying not to cry as i sniffle a little. awe you sweet asf mofo, i hate you for making me feel so damn soft and fluffy but no matter how much i denied it, i love it regardless. don't you ever change for me either hm ? i love every part of you because it's the reason why i'm falling in love with you, mofo. oh hell yesh, i want you to be mines and i to be yours, should i take back what i said bish ? awe i'm so happy to hear that seriously because you've been so damn precious to me so i won't ever stop loving you as my friend and even my lover. /grins widely by your actions, leaning my forehead against yours.
meng jia [A] 14 minutes ago Reply

@park jimin ohmagad i-THAT IS THE SWEETEST SHIETU I HEARD FROM YOU. i'm smiling so damn much thanks to you cute mofo. i wanna take it slow with you and i'm happy i'm being claimed by you ew. i'm very grateful to have such a lovely friend like you and i truly hope we can become more than that in the future because i can see myself with you seriously. i honestly have to admit i felt jelly whenever you're acting flirty with others so i guess i do like you as well. i would love to go on dates with you and see where it goes but i swear if it does happen we become something more, DON'T YOU IN DARE BREAK MY HEART BISH OR I'LL BEAT YOUR UP. let's see where it goes hm ? for now, i'm claiming you and no one else can hm ? I WOULD LOVE TO GO OUT ON A DATE YOU BISH BUT LET'S GO OUT ON A DATE TOMORROW OKAY ? I'M OFF TO BED ILY AND SEE YOU TOMORROW : D

park jimin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)=ε✄ 21 minutes ago Reply 

@jia I like you, a lot. I like you because you're fun to be around. I like you because your sweet...sometimes your a head. But i mean i guess that's what makes our friendship awesome. I wish to only grow more with you. Now don't jump to conclusions, or assumptions thinking i'm asking you to be my girlfriend... just yet. Gimme a few to grow and learn more about you, im not the type to rush into a relationship, iv'e learned from past mistakes. I wanna do this the right way; let us go on a few cliche dates and learn more about each other before jumping into it. I'm claiming you now, to tell you that I really do like you, and i'm afraid if i do it the proper way, slowly without telling you, keeping you guessing im gonna lose you to someone whose faster. You are my dearest friend and in the future I hope we do get together, but the time is just not right now. But on a brighter note: Miss Meng Jia, will. you. go. on. a . date. with. me? Eventhoughitmightbecliche. e u e




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