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◇ jennie k. [A] 1 minute ago Reply

taehyung still look good even if the sparks are awfully close to his face. ... just saying.

◇ jennie k. [sh] [A] 9 minutes ago Reply

kim taehyung, you know, it really wasn't my intention to hit you in the first place. ... to be honest, i was shipping you to this girl that who is, well, head-over-heels for you? and actually, the hitting thing might be a way that i'm going to help you both to work out. but i was wrong. OH MY GOD WHAT THE HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- anyways. okay, i remembered those times when you were so pushy and like, kiss me when i cuss and it's actually the cutest, i just won't tell because really- i thought you were just playing along and i don't want to just... assume anything. and here we stand, lots happened and... god. you just literally make me feel weak with everything you do, that you leave me breathless. that... you're just too perfect for someone to make a detail of you. you're one of a kind, and this... i wasn't expecting this in the first place, that's why i'm too done with myself but anyways. everything you said in that padlet was perfect, 100% sure and... , kim taehyung ; ; YES I CAN BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND AND YOU'LL BE MINE OH MY GOD that was ew. but yes :") i can be your girlfriend- oh my god am i dreaming-

◇ jennie k. [sh] [A] 1 minute ago Reply

is officially a puddle. guys, i love kim taehyung ; u ;

◇ jennie k. [sh] [A] 1 minute ago Reply

i love kim taehyung i love kim taehyung i love kim taehyung
I L O V E K I M T A E H Y U N G. daddy, please have my babies-

◇ jennie k. [A] 2 seconds ago Reply

taehyung, you know that i love you so much right?