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2018 the warmest pair: kim eli x woohyuk
2019 most innocent ship: kim eli x hyungseok
2019 most ual ship: kim eli x han jisung


2017 The Person on Top of nicest List?
2017 the iest santa:
2017 A Person You Wish Had a Mistletoe Above Him 24/7 Time Around You?
2017 Person you would like to throw bunch of snowballs at?
2018 The one you want to fight so much you might accidently make out with
2018 Couple That Will Stay Here For 3 Years More: kim eli x woohyuk
2019 the party animal
2019 Rabbit Award - who always
2019 Dinosaur Award - the tallest/oldest
2019 lith oldschool star
2019 the most extra
2019 most innocent ship: felix x kim eli
2019 most innocent ship: kim eli x dongho
2020 most envied couple: kim eli x han jisung

you won this in 2017-2018 gmae:
54056ecbdb580eb992abeb56f6e85b05.jpg51eccfb83f89e43db3f10dd00e9f5fc7.jpg71ENwf855mL._SL1500_.jpg7dd1b999b87f72c6d1c83ee6dee0b55e.jpg7a66095a5f40030ed3591ec838a9bc56.jpg8d87fb324696ad64a00b68b12cb7b6a8.jpgOsaka 4 Cup (20oz/600ml) Siphon Coffee Maker, Borosicilate Glass and Stainless Steel Vacuum Coffeemaker 'Skytree' with Gas Burner and Alcohol Burner ** Don't get left behind, see this great product : Coffee Maker9f8e328f28bf739b57dd4a9ca8430b15.jpg46465d03ca908b0e69ad487ffe66679f.jpg9ae45759291b43fc915ff2935aa99b35.jpgРопÑоÑеnZ3YQTi.jpg

MESSAGE: Hellooo. Me is your secret santa hohoho! I don't really know you well but since you are a chef(right?) I mainly focused the gifts on food! Something we both like. o u o And uh- The plates. Idk Hopefully you can use them! ;; And I'm also hoping we could talk and interact some more~ Merry Christmas!
-secret santa (2017)

from woohyuk
message: I didn't know what to get you, but I thought this was cute and maybe you would like this. Merry Christmas, Eli.
(2017 christmas)

from cupid jamm
message: hope you like cute sweets and since you're still single i guess no one is there to satisfy your needs so hope it's useful. merry christmas! (2017 christmas)

MESSAGE: Merry Christmas again from your secret santa!!! Just some additional gifts because why not? Hohoho okay bye ene
-secret santa (2017)

Happy White Day! You’re such a great weirdo friend! :D Thank you for being nice to me.
I believe that you already like someone and I hope that it’ll go well for you too 
from laun 2018 white day

-cupid jamm 2018.09.12

2018 take a pic event

message : art helps me get peace of mind, if you ever need a break, take a moment to try it yourself. 
Marry Christmas, Santa. 
from secret santa ( 2018 christmas )

2019 easter eggs:

from felix

you've got mail, from cupid jamm!
Dear, Eli,
If you ever decide on wanting to go tiny bit more extreme in bedroom cupid jamm got you covered >.o you have this laying in your bedroom just in case you're in mood and before it goes away while you decide on a toy to buy in a store here you're welcome.
scroll up

merry christmas dear friend happy wedding take your wifey e u e out make some vacation time and cuddle with hot choco
2019 christmas cupid jamm

2020 valentine received chocolate (hover):

2020 online event:

baby~ doesn't mean no fun in bed section hehe have fun with your babyboy and don't forget you're man of your desires too even when the baby pops out you will have two hearts to love isn't that lovely i am sure you two can put the baby in bed e u e to sleep as you tow /coughs/ from cupid jamm

find & win goods:


who's that boy

that's looking

back at me

i think i like you


Name: Kim Eli. 
Age: 25
T/B/S: Top 
Personaliy: He's a bit spoiled, code's from a rich family so he's used to have anything he wants too, sensitive but not so expressive. He's possessive and jealous when has good reasons to be.
Ideal Type: Adorable, bright and lovely guys. He's a er for a cute boy.
Profession: Chef 
About Him: Eli used to have anything he wanted to as he grew up. His parents were owners of a famous restaurant chain bringing them popularity and status. His father wanted him to be his heir managing the business but as they'd be so busy work he'd be running and playing around in the kitchen before the work; eventually falling in love with the hand work and different tastes than numbers and financial stuff. He'd make his own career as a chef and tired of his father's pressure to get out of the kitchen and head the office, he run away to the house, maybe finding his own space and decide whether to obey or running his own restaurant as he wanted to. 
POV: Fine with both povs