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oh sehun [A]12:29:20 AMReply
my wall has pretty written all over it
pretty being your name
oh sehun [A] 39 seconds ago Reply
oh sehun [A] 41 seconds ago Reply
oh sehun [A] 5 minutes ago Reply
naeun n oona

oh sehun [A] 48 seconds ago Reply
..ddehunnie ddeokddanghae


kang insoo 12 seconds ago Reply

Son Naeun, one of the original goddesses that no one can touch.

son juyeon 1 minute ago Reply

Son Naeun: 

- One of the inventors of 'visual'
- Legs are to die for
- Greatest teeth ever, like so bright
- Her skin, my gawd is her skin beautiful
- Eyes be shining brighter than my future
- Hair goals, #SLAYQUEEN
- Aphrodite who? I only know Son Naeun

choi seungcheol 4 seconds ago Reply

i think naeun's the hot one tho

jung chanwoo 7 seconds ago Reply


kim seokwoo 12 seconds ago Reply

she threw me like a discus

kim seokjin 35 seconds ago Reply

scoops melted naeun and place her in my heart

samuel kim [A] 2 seconds ago Reply

weds naeun

kwon chaewon 22 seconds ago Reply

psa i lov naeun

jung hoseok 9 seconds ago Reply

naeun is my spirit animal

kim seokwoo 28 seconds ago Reply

hi my defenestration goddess

jung daehyun 2 minutes ago Reply

@son naeun here's to the adventures of aplum and apeach becoming a bestseller

jung daehyun 31 seconds ago Reply

i'm just scrolling through this tag right now and
is there not a single photo where naeun isn't pretty

im nayeon 58 seconds ago Reply

naeun looks like a p each

jung daehyun 8 seconds ago Reply

suddenly everything naeun does is cute

choi yujin [A] 9 seconds ago Reply

naeun youre oppa

song minho 10 seconds ago Reply

naeun is so cute i'm

koo junhoe [A] 1 minute ago Reply

hi naeun
i'm whipped for you

jung hoseok 23 seconds ago Reply

naeueuen i'm your biggest fan let me cool you down

chittaphon leechaiyakul 37 seconds ago Reply

naeuns dp im suddenly straight

kim jiyeon 4 minutes ago Reply

except naeun doesn't need a man of justice
she's serves it for breakfast lunch and dinner

bae sungyeon 36 seconds ago Reply

naeun's daily: d efenestrates everyone

christian yu 8 seconds ago Reply

is defenestrated by master defenestrator naeun, pt 74982746976

kim minkyung 31 seconds ago Reply

are yujin and naeun conjoined twins or smth why do they always seem to be together

hot korean beefy boy 4 seconds ago Reply

just tie me to naeun's wrist like im a balloon or something

kim hyuna 4 seconds ago Reply

naeun is wonderful

park jinny 58 seconds ago Reply

naeun is aesthetic aesthetic is naeun

han sanghyuk 7 seconds ago Reply

nafish is my pufferfish

park jinyoung 40 seconds ago Reply

naeun is just >>>>
what a beaut

amber liu 35 seconds ago Reply

naeun, you're a genius

kim bora 53 seconds ago Reply

naeun you're such a dork

kang younghyun 1 minute ago Reply

naeun is pretty manly tho

jung daehyun 38 seconds ago Reply

a cannibalistic peach

kwon junhui [A] 55 seconds ago Reply

kim jayoung 26 seconds ago Reply 
naeun’s daily routine: wake up, wash up, defenestrate someone

kang chanhee 10 seconds ago Reply

stumbles naeunnie is a pretty lady!!!

park sicheng 26 seconds ago Reply

rates naeun five stars on yelp

son hyunwoo 1 minute ago Reply

defenestration queen

kim jayoung 11 seconds ago Reply

puts naeun on speed dial in case i’m too nice to defenestrate someone

yeo hwanwoong 9 seconds ago Reply

i like naeun's puns. then i remember the fact that she's gon defenestrate my boy

chittaphon leechaiyakul 19 seconds ago Reply

@son naeun 1k for the baby bear <3

son juyeon 12 seconds ago Reply

everything naeun posts is amazing btw

park hyungsik [ h ] 48 seconds ago Reply

naeun's dp is real pretty

lee jaehyun [ h ] 6 seconds ago Reply

son naeun 18 seconds ago Reply
lee jaehyun [ h ] 7 seconds ago Reply
i present to you all sweaty naeun

a blessing to you all

all hail our lady and savior Sweaty Naeun

choi sungyoon 38 seconds ago Reply

naeun being proud of herself is my new aesthetic

bang yongguk 12 seconds ago Reply

weak for son naeun
weak for soft naeun
weak for naeun mami
weak for sweaty pie
weak for princess
whispers weak for navel
weak for lip bites
weak for nose booping
weak for kissess
weak for myself : D

choi yewon 1 minute ago Reply

i love naeun so much :D

kang yebin [ sh ] 5 seconds ago Reply

naeun is my favoritest person

ha sooyoung 38 seconds ago Reply

clutches my lady moob
i love you whip and nae nae

kim mingyu • dimple gyu [ sh ] 16 seconds ago Reply

i thought defenarstsitoson was naeun's thing

ha sooyoung 28 seconds ago Reply

she’s brilliant the next scientist of kanyeology

hong nayoung [A] 19 seconds ago Reply

issok ur an amazing and pretty hippie nanaeun

park sicheng 9 seconds ago Reply

i actually love naeun
she is my spirit animal

jeon jinhwan 3 minutes ago Reply

i lub naeun

kim youngjo 24 seconds ago Reply

naeun nee-chan

heo hyunjoon 17 seconds ago Reply

ha sooyoung 10 seconds ago Reply
raises my arms 
i love naeun

son juyeon 6 seconds ago Reply

kim chungha 26 seconds ago Reply
naeun is my idol

kim minji 11 seconds ago Reply

naeun has some gr8 legs

kim minkyung 29 seconds ago Reply

me: hey naeun wanna hang
naeun: SURE PUTA

yeo hwanwoong 4 seconds ago Reply

naeun jenner noona

kwon hyunbin 8 seconds ago Reply

n naeun

bi wenjun 1 minute ago Reply

finally someone in my life i can actually trust
platonically loves naeun

lee luda 1 minute ago Reply

so what if naeun's cannibal?? i'd be Blesst if she ate me

choi hansol 10 seconds ago Reply

i love it when naeun gets messy

lee hongbin 15 seconds ago Reply

naeun always has the most aesthetic pics istg

na jaemin 9 seconds ago Reply

naeun just figured out something amazing like the goddess she is

choi daesu 2 seconds ago Reply

naeun what's in your mouth and why is it not me

choi daesu 19 seconds ago Reply

my affection for naeun is like boyle's for rosa during season one

wu xuanyi 35 seconds ago Reply

lee luda 2 minutes ago Reply
naeun has been my bias since birth what perfection stan naeun

choi daesu 5 seconds ago Reply

2k goes out to baby , don't die

lee hongbin 2 seconds ago Reply

offset naeun

lee hongbin 1 minute ago Reply

jung eunji 13 seconds ago Reply
naeun looks like she has legs for days with that dp

lee gwangmin 5 seconds ago Reply

naeun you’re my sweaty pie

choi seungcheol 7 seconds ago Reply

lee jihoon3:42:47 PMReply
wen junhui [A] 4 seconds ago Reply
jeon wonwoo3:42:23 PMReply
all hail the defenestrator

wen junhui [A]10:08:43 PMReply

kim hanbin1:08:31 PMReply
lim sejun 5 seconds ago Reply
how be naeun
naeun: defenestrates them