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song mingi [ h ]8:17:33 PMReply

you’re going to do great on your finals and you’re so close to being done with school you can do it bebe birb I believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself

song mingi3:21:37 PMReply

you’re a skrong and smart birb you can do it!! 
I know it’s tiring but you’re so close to being done 
I love you and make sure to stay hydrated because that’ll help your energy. Don’t drink a lot of caffeine or sugar either because that’s not gud especially because you’re not running on much sleep. 
always know you can complain about how tyschool or life is anytime to me mkay

hwang hyunjin 33 seconds ago Reply
seul noona is smol and cute- i love

hwang hyunjin 17 seconds ago Reply
haseul is smol and precious and cute and lovable and and and I'm proudly whipped for her

hwang hyunjin 28 seconds ago Reply
roars at anxiety- back off fam, she's mine

hwang hyunjin 7 seconds ago Reply
it was worth it- dedicating kisses to my seul noona is definitely 1111 worthy.

jeon heejin 5 seconds ago Reply
haseul unnie is a top, i can see it....but i never said that

lee hyunjae 1 second ago Reply
loona is cute but you didn't hear that from me

hwang hyunjin 3 seconds ago Reply
i'm yours, seul- only yours, and you're mine pfft.

kim sunwoo 49 seconds ago Reply
haseul can i have flan please??? i'm hungry
thunwoo baegopa :<

choi yerim 30 seconds ago Reply
haseul is the cutest

kim sunwoo 1 minute ago Reply
after contemplating his life's decisions, a hand tugs on haseul's sleeve, lower lip jutted out while his eyebrows scrunch up lightly. 
haseul noonang, flan juseyooong

hwang hyunjin 2 minutes ago Reply
whispers as he squishes his cheeks together
n-noona saranghae

heo hyunjoon 25 seconds ago Reply
whimsically shoots a heart arrow at haseul.
pyong : D

hwang hyunjin 16 seconds ago Reply
i'm hwipped for seul seul noonaaang

hwang hyunjin 38 seconds ago Reply
coos at haseul.
seul seul noonaaang

hwang hyunjin 1 second ago Reply
stares into the distance.
i, am needy for jo haseul

hwang hyunjin 3 seconds ago Reply
seul seul, my number one

hwang hyunjin 12 minutes ago Reply
jo hyunjin imnida

hwang hyunjin 7 seconds ago Reply
hwang haseul

hwang hyunjin 6 seconds ago Reply
ok but seul is my one day will be wifu- so the strays are my kids
do kyungsoo 43 seconds ago Reply
oh god i love you so much hatheullie
kim hyunjung 21 seconds ago Reply
i'll call him haseul's bottom boy
hwang hyunjin 1 second ago Reply
for haseul, i'll make an exception
hwang hyunjin 11 seconds ago Reply
I- i'll wait until i'm 18 to say the things i have in my head right now
kim hyunjung 3 minutes ago Reply
how old is haseul
i want her as my mom
kim seungmin 14 seconds ago Reply
hwang haseul :D
kim hyunjung 1 minute ago Reply
more like jo hyunjin
kim hyunjung 30 seconds ago Reply

haseul where'd you find your bottom boy?
is it a site because sign me the up

kim hyunjung 8 seconds ago Reply

we all know haseul's top anyways though

hwang hyunjin 20 seconds ago Reply

i love seul seul :>

hwang hyunjin 2 minutes ago Reply

i love love love you, jo haseul

park junghyun ( sh ) 2 seconds ago Reply

turns into a literal heart for haseul unnie

jeon jungkook [ h ]8:46:32 PMReply

haseul musical



kim jungeun 4 seconds ago Reply


lee seoyeon 32 seconds ago Reply


son hyejoo 26 seconds ago Reply

you're the bestest leader and mama we could ever ask for!!

kim sohee1:11:57 PMReply

haseul singing opera
your faves could never 💅💅

kim jungeun 4 seconds ago Reply

cries bc mama seul is best mama 
mama #1
mama of the year



estelle chen 1 second ago Reply

haseul is the love of my life everyone else can go home


park jisung9:01:19 PMReply

hatheul noona

ji changmin 22 seconds ago Reply

will you instead spend forever with me?
that’s close enough right


ji changmin 1 minute ago Reply

I haven’t been this sure about something in a long time 
we always said we’d run away together

kim jongin10:04:04 PMReply

jonginnie ddokddanghae

im yeojin6:06:18 PMReply

muffin has always been so sweet to me 
i love her most

son juyeon [A]4:35:18 PMReply

i love you so much



ji changmin8:47:56 PMReply

dec 27 2018
the day everything made sense

lee naeun10:53:23 AMReply

haseul o-oppa



yoon sanha 20 seconds ago Reply

no im scared of haseul she radiates big demon energy


bang chan [ h ] 12 seconds ago Reply

birb is my whole life tbh

jo haseul9:58:06 PMReply

kang seulgi9:58:01 PMReply

song mingi 1 minute ago Reply

I stan one (1) smol queen

qian kun2:15:10 PMReply

who needs a soccer mom when you have hockey mom haseul




kim hyunjin [ sh ] 16 seconds ago Reply
bumps my forehead to his and then kisses him all over his face and finally to his lips and then pushes him away bye good luck with your bio exam if you do bad on it i'll be sad
kim sunwoo9:50:21 PMReply
wife doing it Right
kim hyunjin [ sh ]10:05:54 PMReply
applies a layer of pinky lip tint and yanks sunwoo down to kiss his cheek so the kiss mark stays there > : (

wang junkai9:33:40 AMReply
pinches hyunjin's nose before pressing a kiss onto her cheek
make your kappang proud


kim hyunjin2:39:01 PMReply

looks at sunwoo with half a taco in my mouth

kim sunwoo2:39:46 PMReply

looks back at hyunjin
well that's a pretty sight

kim sunwoo 20 minutes ago Reply

@kim hyunjin with the power of my broken skills and google translate on my side 
the sender is just as Cute as the message
미치겠네 진짜 나 너 진심으로 좋아해 oof

kim hyunjin 12 minutes ago Reply

@kim sunwoo 너 진짜 이러면 안 되는데 흥
you'll see why i sent it .. soon 
and stop you're making me *****












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