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jeon heejin4:52:54 PMReply
who needs a seat on the flight when you've got squish's lap c; jk im gonna like go hide under some sand again

jeon heejin 21 seconds ago Reply
rowoon more like roswoon

jeon heejin12:32:36 PMReply
seokwoo oppa you tosser i lauv you

jeon heejin4:49:12 PMReply
im a fool for you uwu

jeon heejin12:20:31 PMReply
inhales agGressively and screams
psa: i adore kim seokwoo,,, Nice anywayy

jeon heejin8:21:27 AMReply
my aesthetic is teddy in a black shirt and black skinnys

jeon heejin8:38:23 AMReply
giggles at squish

jeon heejin 1 minute ago Reply
i also love seokwoo a lot js

park sicheng9:13:02 AMReply
spanking prince is h-hng

jeon jinhwan9:10:40 AMReply
lim sungjin 1 second ago Reply 
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park sicheng 1 second ago Reply 
we loVe yOu spAnking prinCe

jae ha9:22:28 PMReply
rowoon: ....
me: uwus intensely

jeon heejin3:25:07 PMReply
kim taeyeon 16 minutes ago Reply
Rowoon can I just say You're Beautiful