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"do it from the heart or not at all."
//: 050599; taken by her really cute boyfriend;
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shin hoseok. 53 seconds ago Reply

honestly naeun's existence is a blessing what a precious cinnamon bun too good for this world

jang yeeun. 2 minutes ago Reply

naeun, no, you’re like the most precious of us all

mark lee. [A] 4 minutes ago Reply

naeun is so precious

kim yerim. 14 seconds ago Reply

i am undeserving of naeun but grateful for her

mark lee. [A] 2 minutes ago Reply

hmm, princes don’t always do much. i’d much rather be a knight to protect my princess

mark lee. [A] 1 minute ago Reply

naeun’s dp is so cute my heart

lee luda. [A] 3 minutes ago Reply

kim jungwoo. 19 seconds ago Reply 
naeun is so cute i love her so much

shin hyejeong. 1 minute ago Reply

love is naeun the pure sweet ray of sunshine who not only lifts everyone up but also makes great playlists

choi yewon. 3 minutes ago Reply

lee luda. [A] 14 seconds ago Reply
naeun deserves only good things because she is too precious for this world

choi yoona. 1 minute ago Reply

shakes fist positively
naeun is the most wholesome being e ve r

lee luda. [A] 36 seconds ago Reply

i love naeun

shoma uno. 1 minute ago Reply

naeun is sweet like condensed milk and bananas on shaved ice in summer-
i'm used to yuzu annoying me, not this
it is refreshing, like a lemon drizzle cake for afternoon tea-

kwon hyuk. 44 seconds ago Reply

naeun is really wonderful

lee minhyung. [A] 49 seconds ago Reply


lee jieun. 10 seconds ago Reply

noh hyojung. [A] 40 seconds ago Reply
naeun is our pride and joy

lee minhyung. ( sh ) [A] 45 seconds ago Reply


lee minhyung. ( sh ) [A] 4 minutes ago Reply

hi my name is mark minhyung lee, head of the love and appreciation for lee naeun foundation, here to remind you all that i love and appreciate lee naeun, and you all should too
but how could you not i mean honestly have you met this wonderful person

park junghyun. 7 minutes ago Reply

naeuuuunn < 3333

lee minhyung. ( sh ) [A] 3 minutes ago Reply

@lee naeun. a surprise dedication of sorts. my points aren’t at anything special, but i just wanted to make a dedication post for you. naeun, you’re such an amazing and sweet person. you’re so kind and genuine to everyone and you can always see the best in people. every little detail and aspect about you make you special, and i love it. i don’t think it’s just me, either. everyone here loves and appreciates you and i think at this point, all of us are on the “love, appreciate, and protect naeun committee.” you are amazing and important and i hold you dearly. i love you so much, lee naeun, my princess, my lady.

wong yukhei. 4 minutes ago Reply

have you ever looked at someone and just wanted to protect
bc me with naeun

na jaemin. 32 seconds ago Reply

lee naeun. 7 seconds ago Reply
lee minhyung. [A] 7 seconds ago Reply

they’re synced

huang renjun. 6 minutes ago Reply

cheng xiao. [A] 1 minute ago Reply
naeun is actually the most important person here tbh

the most valid truth

na jaemin. 4 hours ago Reply

naeun and mark’s names are right next to each other in the tag section
if that ain’t true love idk what is

kim jongin. 14 minutes ago Reply

naeun makes me happy. i don’t know anything that isn’t happiness and optimism

kim jongin. 4 seconds ago Reply

my skin has cleared, my life has been purified upon meeting lee naeun

lee minhyung. [A] 55 seconds ago Reply

doesn’t care if i’m annoying bc naeun’s my girlfriend y’all

lee minhyung. [A] 32 seconds ago Reply

naeun’s dp wowowowow

park junghyun. 1 hour ago Reply

@lee naeun. lee minhyung. [A] 1 minute ago Reply
if a vacuum screamed at naeun i would scream back at it

kim taehyung. 1 minute ago Reply

lee naeun.12:03:54 PMReply
you know sometimes i wonder if me and mark could have ended up on the unofficials for life

Yes. You could have. You two basically invented the unofficials list.

kim yerim. 52 seconds ago Reply

your woman is hot mark and that’s the tea

wu xuanyi. 9 minutes ago Reply

@zhou jieqiong. @noh hyojung. @lee naeun. @lee jinsol. @lee jieun. [sh] @kim taehyung. [sh] @cheng xiao. Here is my 1000th post 
here is something special I did for the special people in my heart

i made a thing of my love and i but since i at photoshop it came out wonky but here it is:

a masterpiece from mark:

renjun's beautiful gift:

mommy xuan yi made me something soft i love:

only love :