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` T H E   P R E T T I E S T   G I R L   I N    T H E   W O R L D 


` D P s

` M Y   S U N S H I N E

lee jinsook 55 seconds ago Reply

throws a cheeseball at kebin's face
no kebin :/

lee jinsook09:56:24Reply

i didn’t say this
but i guess you’re always a winner to me

lee jinsook09:58:08Reply

,, yes kebin you are

lee jinsook18:59:07Reply

me at kebin :D

lee jinsook 1 minute ago Reply;igshid=vgpb5ri6l9by
kebin this caption is us!

kim sihyeon19:11:28Reply

hehehe yes kevin :>

kim sihyeon [sh]08:24:28Reply

i will and do love you unconditionally too, kebin :<
you’re my moon to my sun


kim sihyeon [sh]22:37:44Reply

kevin oppa :o

kim sihyeon20:20:58Reply

rowoon oppang