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jongup m.

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jonguppie, jong



date of birth



computer security specialist



relationship status


spouse / current contract







none at the moment


none at the moment

writing style

semi-para to multi-para

pov preference

3rd or detailed 1st


any genres are up for grabs except romance, fluff, and . i feel like those should happen on their own.

writing samples

padlet found here


history / about

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he was born into a family where his father was a traveling rock band guitarist and his mom was a baker. unlike most kids his age, he grew up in a decent family environment without any sort of fighting aside from the occasional dispute with either of his parents. he made it through high school and college with flying colors, graduating with a degree in computer science. also unlike his family, he had a love as well as a knack for computers, thus his degree choice. he later became a computer security specialist, which taught him how to hack. this ability is how he found the build a boyfriend site.


he's kindhearted but tends to stay to himself. once he warms up to a person (be a bit patient with him), he's playful, sarcastic, and honest. he's relatively accepting with most things and he's more observant than people give him credit for.

If someone wishes to find him, he prefers to play video games at his apartment or take the occasional walk around the city.


personality / quirks

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personality junk sarcastic, witty, open-minded, caring.

strengths negotiation, quick-thinking, able to keep emotions internalized, strong-willed, and sympathetic.

weaknessesLack of confidence, overly stubborn, overthinks, overly curious

Hobbies video games, movies, adventuring, music, art

Secrets why don't you ask and maybe I'll tell you?

Fears none worth admitting

The Quirks Fun Facts About him.
— prefers intelligent debates over small talk
— would prefer sarcastic answers to ones people think "he wants to hear"


my love

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over name.

date: here.

status: here.

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out of character

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ONE. Please don't rush me for replies. if I haven't replied in 3 days and I haven't told you why, please say hello and I'll try to reply as soon as I can. 

TWO. I love plotting so don't be afraid to plot with me.

THREE. Either pov is preferred but please don't give me a one-liner in either pov. I will give you a one-liner in return and you're not gonna like it. 

FOUR. Don't be afraid to suggest an idea ooc while in the middle of a plot or tell me if you've lost muse. I don't mind and I'd rather know you're not interested anymore than reply only to never get a reply back again. 

FIVE. I don't mind starting, but don't always make me start. An overload of starters makes me lose muse quickly so if the plot requires you to have to start it off, please don't make me start it anyway. It has to be a give and take relationship on both sides.  

SIX. Please don't roleplay with me because of my muse. Roleplay with me because you want to, not because I'm one of your biases. 

SEVEN. Thank you so much for reading and I hope to hear from you soon. 



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genre, rating, status, etc.

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friends / icons

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Jongup m.

created by pixels.

mood 56%


muse 72%


writing quality 48%


reply speed 34%


activity 88%


top 4 playlist


motionless in white

but it's better if you do

panic at the disco

pray for me

the weeknd ft kendrick lamar

cold front

straight line stitch


♡ kim jisung 2 minutes ago Reply

Jongup looks y blonde
♡ kim minsung 11 seconds ago
look how sweet guppie is, checking on everyone ;;