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Jung Hoseok
princey wolf
"Princess, thou art forever mine own world." Hoseok was created for one person, one sole purpose. A mere mask, a prince doubling as a knight. The wolf hybrid was built for his lady, a princess in need of a man to stand-in as her prince so townsfolk of the 1600s would respect her. His lady was his first love, his first owner and the only one Hoseok ever truly listened to. Charming, he was a cocky guy in his day, though his canine aspects added a layer of pup-like curiosity swirled into his viciously protective instincts.

His era didn't last long - humans perish easily and perpetual rounds of the black plague knocked them down like a tornado to a set of feeble bowling pins. Losing his entire reason for existence was a tough pill to swallow, one that unfortunately came in the form of inactivation because Hoseok was a wreck.

his princess' death brought on an unexpected phobia, one that still torments him. The sight of rats, fleas, or mosquitos will do it and it should be apparent why. Such insignificant factors destroyed his entire world in the blink of an eye. Another quirk of the wolfs is keeping humans close to his heart healthy. He'll make a fuss at the first sight of illness no matter how miniscule. As a wolf, Hoseok's instinctual desire is to mate. He's fully aware that propagation is impossible for him and that the incessant need for a mate means his princess was not the one meant for him. He'll find her one day - don't feel hurt if he calls you a witch for liking men, it's just in his obsolete programming. Reactivated and running semi-smoothly now, Hoseok focuses most of his time on adapting into society. From the flowery language morphing into casual slang to the accepting nature of the twenty-first century, he has a lot on his plate. Dropping his princely coding is mission number one. Expect him to be consistently inconsistent until then.
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Hoseok does not actively search for love as it's defined by nature that fate will bring his mate into his arms. As a boyfriend for hire, Hoseok will serve his customer till the end, but don't be shocked if he disobeys and makes politely-masked snarky responses the whole time. He's a tease who likes to play when it comes down to it. Topping is his usual, however he can bottom if dominated - his dusty programming didn't have any of this gay in it.
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3rd pov heavily preferred; para to novella. Can do detailed 1st. Crack is not my game, hit my wall/pm for plotting. I love going with the flow, so feel free to tag me and just start talking. I'm a hoe for good writing and interesting storylines.

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@♡ won jongjin It's different for everyone.
In my instance.. seeing him makes my heart flutter, and I want to do everything in my power to treat him well and make sure he's safe. Deep down... I know that even if we don't work out, I'd still want him to be happy. That's love. When it's no longer about yourself.. and it's about someone else.