Personal Message
- Park Haejin
- 34
- famous a author
- engaged to an actress
-sweet and caring, cheesy, a gentleman, husband material;
-secretly a sadist, especially in bed
-lonely and saddened by how he chose to live his life
Haejin has always been passionate about writing since he struggled expressing himself vocally. It might be hard to believe now but he was a shy kid, even during his high school years. During the years he filled countless notebooks with short stories, thoughts, confessions and worries. His bedroom became a small library in a short time. From adventure to fiction during his teen age, to romance and action in his twenties then settling to a in his late twenties when for the first time his book became a bestseller. He found his calling and the genre that suited him the most. Haejin had an unique way of writing a that gave his readers new perspectives and realization of hidden unknown sides of themselves.
He never revealed his identity though. Haejin preferred to remain hidden under his pen name - P. JinHae. Coming from a wealthy family he had to keep a good image in public and follow society's schemes. So currently he works at his father's company which he will soon inherit and writes in his free time. He had no choice. His father was sick and had not many years left to live - his father has no idea that Haejin found out about his disease. So as the good son he was raised to be, Haejin pleased his father by working at his company and getting engaged with a popular, simply gorgeous, actress. The relationship remained cold - neither romantically interested in each other. She did it for fame and funds for her movies. Haejin did it to make his father happy and erase the suspiciousness the old man had about his son's uality. They currently live separately and will get married by the end of the summer. Divorce was an available option only after his father's last breath.