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jang dahye 32 seconds ago Reply
Yuj I always love you
Even if you aren’t kronk
sn if f les
yuj is prolly smoother than i am
i have my concerns
i, a honest man,,, still part of wanna one, nation’s #1 also trying to snatch #1 in yuj’s heart
puTs a fEdOrA oN yUj’s heAd aNd dRaWs a sTaChE oN heR feS
sTaRtS rAiSiNg mY vOiCe 3 oCtAves hiGheR
cOuNtRyBoY i loVe yoU. bLEGh
okno gtgtg
☼ kim saeeun 1 minute ago Reply
cuddles yuj ; U ;
sn if fles i’m lov y(o)uJ
if we bcame a couple on april fools
we can officially be the joke
we build the ship
and we sink
cOoS aT yUj
that only means you make me smile— laugh too, ohO iMmA kEeP
@☼ choi yujin ❝ships self with hyunbin❞ [SH]im sobbing i dozed off and lost what i typed out sksjdjdj but annyeong sToP sTeALiNg kiSsEs oN mY iPsEuLs gDi nAeGa iS gOnNa gO iNtO cArDiAc aRrEsT :"D kskdkfk you like crack s o takes both of yer hands into mi hold. hi hello you’re so cute i want to throw a rainbow at yoU. apArt from the fact that it’s april fools so we’ll make the perfect joke couple since you insist on being a joke,,,, aYo i would drop my croissant for you and i’ll bring you chicken nuggets, fre sha va ca do and waffles to you anY tiMe. hHh will you be mine yet, i promise to complete vine references with you c:
kim wonpil 17 seconds ago Reply
yujin gets rolled into a cliff until she reaches the edges. falling off, it take a mere second when her body hit the ground, the impact broke her bones especially her skull, now red fluid starts oozing out. now laying in a pool of blood.

yuj is so cute im ded
my orientation is yujin
people: does cute things, says cute things
me: ew
yuj: pulls vines and crack
me: c r ies how cute
yujin the intellectualfuafua
☼ huang renjun 1 minute agoReply
ily stands for i love yujin : D
cancan mom cancan mom cancan mom cancan mom cancan mom cancan mom cancan mom cancan mom cancan mom cancan mom cancan mom cancan mom cancan mom cancan mom cancan mom cancan mom
yuj: oN aLl leVeLs eXcEpt pHysicAL, i aM a woLf. proceeds to let out a tiny “arf” at the ocean
woop woop woop- BOMB ATTACK, its safe now

the terrorist has choseon a target! GUESS WHO DIED

siLeNt niGht hOLy niGht- yujin was just walking down the street, passing by a view buildings, here and there but what she didn't know that there was danger up ahead. with her earphones on and listening to clc's hobgoblin wE aRe cLc gO, she didn't notice the strange noise from above, a window opening right above her- oof oh look her shoelace is untied bEttEr tiE em uP oR eLse you'LL fAll. she stopped at the exact spot and w histle sounds as something heavy has been dropped hiTting her straight up on the middle of her skull- the heavy object rolled off- a bowling bowl. now yujin is on the ground, red fluid pooling around her especially her cracked skull, with black dress now playing in her play list. coincidence she died wearing a black dress. 

yujin - civ
on a scale of one to ten how much do i love yujinnie
if you put bin into the dumpster
who's the the real trashcan

park bogum 12 seconds ago Reply

yujin deserves a nice nice place on my user profile-

fave person
scroll down for u h ish
oho. did you manage to find this eue idk if the colours are alright bc i highkey have no sense of colour coordination so heh. pats yer eyes as apologies in advance.
but ok, annyeong yuj, mi fave person :"D well u h naega didn't manage to do anything on the 1st bc i was busy, hence the delay in this; not that i aren't busy right now either, but i managed to pluck some free time out of somewhere lmfao. i'm not the best with words actually, so bear with me. idk what i'm doing right now pmsl ok so lmao ; 
well first off, coos at you bc i saw the star on my wall. regardless, imma still pester you with the same question bc naega childish like that lol.
i'm not much of a talker when it boils down to being serious and all, so to cut it short, (sike i'll cheese my way through this) i might seem really nonchalant about things, but i actually care for you a lot. whenever you're down i'm not sure how to comfort bc you don't like people worrying over you, ykno, you might not like to talk about your issues, but i'm still open to hear it if you ever reach a point where you've got to rant it out. it's not healthy to bottle it all up ay. i call you a sad bij (jokingly tho) but u h you're one hecka strong wahman, just don't shoulder everything alone sometimes aite, you worry for others but others worry for you too :"d
o ded that was a lot of nagging, but heh uh well, it's been over a month, approacing 2 months too, i know i was supposed to leave on the 1st but pmsl, i don't regret staying tho. for the lack of a better word, you're gr8, for me, to me, idk - i got me a woman who loves vines and appreciates crude memes lmaooo
also, you can't be the only one who's smooth. i know i'm more of a crackhead but -- we're gonna raise 1,000 puppers together even tho we can't take care of ourselves. i'll take care of you to the best i could. if anyone dares bully you, i'm pretty sure you can fend for yourself but ykno, let me protect you too; tho i doubt anyone would pick on you bc you're too adorable for that wtf. you're the cutest smol bub there is, you just are, naturally cute, and i think this got really long and soff so let me end it with my big boy words that i rarely use - hi, i love you, you did a relly good job putting up with me rofl. 
aaaand, swipe left, clicky click. there's something else there.

kim jiho ❝it's a trap❞ 1 minute agoReply

y ou don't know love until you meet yujin! 
u ever heard of clc? go STAN 
j ust watch everything clc 
i love yujin 
n ever eat yellow snow

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