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u know what i must speak and break free so
1004 goes out to seoyeon and jisun, angels for entertaining me even though i'm dumb as heck



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@son hyejoo i i love you too ;; my livvy, mine mine mine



kim jiwon9:38:12 PMReply

@son hyejoo i love you lots and lots livvy :>

noh jisun1:35:11 PMReply

j jihun oppa

hiya sunshine, baby, babe, baby girl, love-- hi heh. i just, wanted to let you know how much i appreciate you. you have been helping me get through tougher times-- a lot of those being times where i find myself struggling to get through the day without feeling so negative about myself and the world around me. you have helped me learn how to strengthen myself and even helped me distract myself from the thoughts that i have. speaking of that, we need to have a movie night again :<

anywho, thank you. you have been here for me when others have not. i really appreciate it heh. you have been such an amazing being for the past few months and i honestly-- i am so grateful. ya know, i nag at you because i care :< take my nagging to consideration, babe hhh. i just want to make sure that you are and will be okay. asjdhfbag anyway, i hope you enjoyed this really random gift-- my thoughts are not together rn (see: i'm playing fortnite, big rip, big oof, yikes) but heh. just know that i love you and i appreciate you a lot. i'm sorry if this doesn't make sense heh. i looooove you lots! :> also, sorry if this is really bad too- i'm kinda sorta out of touch with my coding skills-
hi hi seo baby. :>
i understand that i make a lot of these for you but- hear me out. this is all i got for you hmp. i'm not too talented in anything else and this is the least that i could do for you :<
here's my six thousand for you coos. i love you lots. thank you for always being there for me. i mean, look at my cutie pie. you honestly radiate big squish uwu energy and i am lowkey-- l o w k e y-- whipped but you know. you didn't hear that from me. coos. consider this an early,,, , counts on her fingers. uh, three month?? gift. :> oof wait wow, it's been three months already? it feels like yesterday when we met and got all whipped for one another coos heh. i love you lots seoyeon, no matter what face you have but- yes. i love you a lot. i hope you feel better soon and i hope that you're able to grow more and more. :>
seo seo seo!! happy nineteenth / twentieth birthday, my little baby! i know you said that i didn't have to get you anything but guess what i did heh. i made you this : D i hope you don't mind though,, i thought i might as well make you something cute and spend the day with you heh. it was the least i could do! you know i don't mind doing these things for you-- i get a lot of joy making these for you. :< i hope you get just as much joy recieving them!! heh. 
i hope you have a wonderful day filled with love and affection today! make sure to eat all the cake and sweets you want, because afterall, it's your birthday!! you deserve only the sweetest and cutest of things heh.

thank you, seo, for being a part of my life and letting me love you lots and lots! you mean a lot to me and i can't wait to see what you'll do from here on out. heheh. happy birthday, love. i love you lots and lots! let me know if there's anything you want today; i'll try my best to fulfill any of your wishes! :> happy birthday again, baby!