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park chaeyoung ❝kawaii rosie-chan desu! yoroshiku❞ 5 seconds ago Reply

" only focus on me and not the other 8 "
since when have i ever focused on anybody else
okno gOODBYE

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handsome rowoon!

park chaeyoung ❝kawaii rosie-chan desu! yoroshiku❞ 14 seconds ago Reply

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kim jiho ❝it's a trap❞ 19 seconds ago Reply
rowoon is so cute

tO: bunny prince.
hi hi, love. surprise?
from: princess shu.
4th  monthsary
hi, tol bunny prince! this is five days overdue, but. better late than never, right? tbh this may or may not be a reason as to why i went on my, uh, self-imposed isolation. whoops? eheh. but!! it was for a reason, so forgive me this time around? ; u ; okay i need to stop rambling, so. here goes!

you're honestly a really special guy, kim seokwoo. who would've thought i'd be able to meet someone like you? me, a girl who spent majority of her time dissing other people and being a crackhead, in general? i'm just - i guess you could say i'm still in disbelief? because you're you (perfect in all ways possible) and i'm... me (slowly beginning my descent to hell okno). i know we may not be talking much (stares at your alts), and i know i'm never good with words, much less at words that scream " romantic  enough to battle shakespeare " and all, but i hope i make that up by giving you lots of smoochies? :'D

these twenty snippets to the right are... somewhat my take on what we have. sort of a representation of us, in some ways. why twenty? because (1) there will never be enough things to represent us, and how much i appreciate having you in my life, and (2) because well, our monthsary does happen every 20th so. without further ado! <3

p.s. click on your photos for some songs ehe uwu
twenty SNIPPETS.
pro tip: enlarge GIFS before reading small texts!
< this is me @ you. heh.
i have my fears, too.
is it a bunny thing?
why would i, when i've got a whole you? 
i'm always tongue-tied around you.
always; when you sad, i sad too.
/cue exasperated-but-not-really groan bc this is so you.
i ask this a lot.
i really, really do.
nobody else.
this is me @ your alts getting to talk more than you :(
the lyrics say it all.
< me everytime i see you around,
you have that kind of effect. :'D
i promise i'm not this sappy ; ;
you bring out the best in me.
unfortunately. :'D
i could do this all day.
because god knows i can never say this out loud.
or well, if you put it this way...
but i love you, kim seokwoo. i always will do.
you found me. SCROLL RIGHT.
my beautiful princess.