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Namjoon & JongJin as of 6.15.2018 ♡


my precious. 
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Kim Namjoon.
Jesus, Namjoon, what can I say...? I've tried to explain to you multiple times that I'm just an . I'm rude. I get upset when I don't get my own way, and I try very hard to not care about other peoples feelings.
But for whatever reason, you don't seem to believe that it is true. At all. Every time I think you've finally realized how awful I am, you take it back.
And I couldn't be happier, Namjoon.
I like that you can't see it. I like that you stick by my side. I like that you've tried so hard. I like the way you hold me, and the way you make me blush so easily. I like how you're always willing to do what I want, to run off and get me what I need. But i hate when you go. It never takes long before I start missing you, the way you hold my hand, or kiss my forhead.
As much as I may complain, I like that we don't accomplish anything because we're too wrapped up in eachother, or you distract me with those beautiful lips of yours...
I love you, Kim Namjoon.
(rip: my reputation)