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Kim yewon
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yewon was grown up in a firm and wealthy family. she's also the only child of the family. since she's the only child her parents have, she tended to get much love from her parents. but no, she was not spoiled by her parents. however, it didn't last long because her parents passed away when she was still 8 years old. since that day, she lived with her mother's older sister little family. 

yewon was not treated well by her mom's older sister little family. they decided to took care of yewon only because of her parents' wealth, that's why she decided to run away from her aunt's house. in her run away, someone casted her to become an idol and she agreed to it. 

few years after getting casted, yewon debuted in a group named girlfriend that's more known as gfriend. her stage name is umji and she's the maknae aka the youngest of the group. she receives lot of love from the older sister of her group since she's the maknae and it makes her really happy. her group also receives much love from their fans and it makes her even happier.

yewon rented an apartment unit right after she got her first paycheck. the apartment was located in a not so crowded city and it's the thing that makes yewon loves it so much. the new environment is really exciting for yewon and she's really looking forward to make much of memories there!





yewon is an introvert person. but don't be wrong! she's a cheerful and open-minded person. she's also a warm-hearted person. even though she's the maknae of her group, there is so much time where the older would tell her their problem and ask her for a solution. you can say, she's the counselor of the group. so, don't be worry and just hit her up if you need a good listener! 



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