mr $100 condoms 1 minute ago Reply 

i.. i love you too rose ♡

bae sehun 3 minutes ago Reply 

miyawaki sakura ( h ) 58 seconds ago Reply 
Its rosie she's so pretty

mr $100 condoms 2 minutes ago Reply 

if I'm whipped then what's rose?

tuff pupper tuan ▼・ᴥ・▼ 1 minute ago Reply 

extra whipped lmao

kim jongin 1 minute ago Reply 

hongbin: woUld you marry me, rosie? 
rose: h m i'll think about it

mr $100 condoms 2 minutes ago Reply 

oh sinrene 2 minutes ago Reply
did I even mention i'm so happy to see rose again? bcs I am uwu

what a mood rn :")

mr $100 condoms 3 minutes ago Reply 

gosh, i'm whipped I love that gal so much heh.

mr $100 condoms 1 minute ago Reply 

rosie is so cute uwu

kim jongin 2 minutes ago Reply 

wow double chae are being adorable again c:

jung chaeyeon 3 minutes ago Reply 

dOUBLE CHAE is lyfe

mr $100 condoms 2 minutes ago Reply 

speaking of roseee she disappeared and i miss her :c

mr $100 condoms [A] 1 minute ago Reply

y is rose melting oVER me while i'm meLting ovver hER existence 3

kim taeyeon 3 minutes ago Reply

tuff pupper tuan ▼・ᴥ・▼ ( h ) 2 minutes ago Reply
rose and bins are melting over each other
lets pour them into a cup and mix them

why is it bcos they have chemistry okno
mr $100 condoms [A] 2 minutes ago Reply
Rose is sucha qtpie