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 “towards the pretty and tall guy”
 Legit got confused if he was talkin to yukhei or me-

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 he has such large baby eyes, even now. Yall should do this alpha a favor and give him a hearts crown everytime you take a pic of him

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 also I failed to collect a girly picture of our savage pouty alpha ._.

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 crazy how wong and I think alike at the end of the day...

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 wong, don't act like you're allergic to hugs....

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 WONG. That's B for beta and you know it

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 Yukhei you te as e

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 wink wonks at yukhei
 I gotchu


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1. sorn || beta ||  taken
Alpha asks a friend or a random Omega/beta to be their plus one to a family event so their traditional family doesn’t even them lip for still being single.

2. female or male || omega or beta || open
“Hey! You didn’t have to save me ya’know. Just because I’m an Omega/Beta doesn’t mean I’m weak! I could handle myself.”
HMU on my wall or pms to plot and i'll be glad to rp with ya :)
i'm good to wing as well but i'm better and feel more comfortable plotting.
i usually prefer third pov but i'm okay with first detailed and i can mirror your style, so whatever you want is good as long as it's not one liners and you can show me you're enjoying the rp.
you can poke me but the likelyhood of me replying any faster is extremely low as I mostly reply everytime i'm online. i usually take about 2-3 days to reply so count on slow replies, if i'm busy i might take up to a week but rarely more than that.
i'm okay with any genre except for extreme fluff cuz i just can't!!! anything else i'm good, specially up for complex plots, angst or .

Lucas didn't like sharing much about himself, he enjoyed keeping the mystery. The only thing he made sure the other's knew, was the fact that he is an alpha.
He enjoyed the sense of superiority it gave him in front of most omegas and betas, and sometimes even other alphas.
Being a mixed blood hybrid, was something he didn't talk about often, he simply stated he was an hybrid, and avoided any other mentions of the topic. He wouldn't let something like his 'mixed blood' make of him less than he knew he was.
He acts cold and distant towards most people, and doesn't let just anyone close to him. He'll test his friends before deciding wether they're worth his trust. Once you betray his trust though, that's it for him. As an alpha, and because of his past, he feels the need to protect his loved ones, so whoever proves undeserving of his trust will be immediately cut off from his life.
Still he enjoys a little challenge, and his friends should be adventurous and like to keep it interesting and fun, as well as respect him.
Lucas isn't always nice, only to the people who really matter to him. If you're close to him, you'll most likely know that his way of showing affection, is through jokes and sarcastic comments, and playful bickering. He's extremely protective over those he deems close to him, and gets aggressive when he feels that their safety is being threatened.
He's a bit rough around the edges, and doesn't deal well with intense emotions, most likely due to his mixed blood. He's got a few anger issues, which is probably the reason why he gets into conflicts so often. 


уυкнєι мαнfυ∂-ωσиg || ℓυ¢αѕ

20 у/σ ||

вιѕєχυαℓ || υимαтє∂

нувяι∂ || мιχє∂ вℓσσ∂

¢σℓℓєgє ѕтυ∂єит !! вυѕιиєѕѕ мαנσя
- his scent is a mix of a strong male cologne, heavy rain and the fresh scent of trees during a walk in the hoods;
- his fur when he shifts into wolf form is light brown, with clean bright eyes;
- he has various tattoos, most of them wolf related, but he tries to keep them on hidden skin;
- he has two piercings, tongue & right ;

Resultado de imagem para light brown wolf

Lucas doesn't really believe in soulmates. He knows they exist, and he knows they're extremely rare. Rare enough for him to believe he doesn't have one.

He's not sure what he thinks about being bonded to someone just yet, but after his father's experience with a broken bond, he's definitely not a big fan.
He enjoys messing around quite a bit. Gets help through his ruts, helping with some heats in the proccess. But when it comes to love? He's not a believer. Yet that doesn't keep him from playfully flirting with omegas and some betas for the sole purpose of having fun. 
Lucas doesn't remember much from his childhood. What he does remember though, was how his father suffered through something he was way too young to understand at that time, and yet he pushed through and raised Lucas by himself, while dealing with the death of his wife, and a broken bond. A pain, Lucas hoped to never understand. He never got to meet his mother, but the way his father told him about her, he almost feels as if he did. He grew up really close to his father, watching how he kept everyone mostly at a distance, but protected him with all he had. When he was old enough to understand all their past, he admired him much more than he ever did. Respected him much more than he ever did, or ever will respect anyone else. He learnt to live for his father only, and keep him above anyone else, after all, blood is thicker than water.
By watching his father, Lucas learnt not to give himself away too easily, and to be very selective on who he lets close to him, and who should be kept at a distance. He created his own lifestyle while following his father's morals, which kept him in a good position.
Due his selective nature, he was able to tell who was worth his time and who wasn't, keeping only those who earned his turst. Because of this he never had a big group of friends, not that he needed it anyway.
He got into fights if anyone tried to put him down because of his 'mixed blood'. Something he had gotten from both his parents and something he was so proud of.
When he presented as alpha it wasn't really a surprise, as he had always shown some alpha traces. He liked being in control, and leading. He never enjoyed being looked down on, but instead being looked up to.
From then on, people were even more careful around him than before, since he wasn't the niceset alpha around either. Yet, he always keeps his father's words in his mind. Those are the principles he'll always follow, and that's the only person he ought to keep on his life more than anything.