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@park sooyoung Wow - I'm - I love you so much Sooyoung. I'm not nearing any high post count or anything but I just wanted to dedicate a post to you, telling you how much I love you and how into you I am. I know we started off with jokes and you thought i was into someone else and whatnot. I'll be honest, I had no intentions of settling down with anyone, and I was just going to be single me, doing whatever I wanted to. But wow - when you began to just be so cute and whatnot, being all flustered; I just found you so irresistible, and well - I was also afraid to do the dare to you - a part of me was thinking two things: 1) I was afraid you weren't into me 2) I was afraid by doing it, I'd in a way show the entire world I wanted to do it to you, and only you. I know I can be cold sometimes, and I played around at the beginning, always teasing you. But I hope you know I love you so much. Not just because you're down right y - But because you're personality is beautiful, and you're not afraid to be yourself. Also, you know, you really care about me as much as I care about you. Most people are afraid of going into relationships because they're afraid their feelings, or level of love won't be matched - I was afraid for the opposite reason; I thought eventually, I'd let you down. But God - Sooyoung, I love you so much, you're my everything. The princess to my fairytale.


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@song mino Mino,

The one I probably called so many different names or such, the way we started off as strangers then friends and more. I think all the testing to you would've been obvious to show I had a little crush on you. Playing games, the famous truth and dare games, those really took a nab at my heart and I'd be lying that my one dare for the strawberry- you were my first choice but then I was too nervous to do it on you so I chose another. I didn't want you to think I was doing these ual things for a reason, I didn't want to have those one night stand at all. But to be honest I was worried or nervous on your dare. I spoke without thinking, my emotions showed more and yeah I was peeved or more jealous. That when you did it to me, I wasn't sure if it was only because I was mad and you were afraid or such. But it only made me see I liked you, no more crush it was a solid Ilike you. And that afterwards we got closer, we talked more and to everyone who thinks we were doing things we shouldn't, which i would've been to nervous to do them back then. But our cuddling, you holding me during the movie and how you made me feel safe.. secure and warm.

Like home, you were my home, in your arms being with you.

Every second made me like you more, I don't think there was a way for you to make me not like you at all. Well. I mean there is but I trusted you when you said youd protect me and never let nothing hurt me. And to this day, you kept your word. So when we both realized we liked each other. Oh I felt on a high, our first kiss, and all- you made my heart soar high in the sky. I was hooked. I was yours without it even being official, but when you did ask me to be yours.

You took my breath away, my heart went beyond the skys.

Song Mino, I love you so much. I love you, and I won't ever stop loving you at all. My prince oppa, my mino. I bet you never knew why I called you prince, because to be honest listening to disney songs only made me imagine you. And just you, made me picture us and how our love could be a fairytale.

My prince oppa, I love you so much. I dedicate my 3000th to my one true love, Song Mino.