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Gonna box this up nicely later...

kim sunggyu 2 minutes ago Reply

@kim kibum /blinks when you finally notice the sweater , shuffling through my pocket to pull out a small box right away and getting on my knee;ssl=1



kim sunggyu 5 minutes ago Reply

@kim kibum then nacho it is 
/smiles and nods
should we get up and put him to bed ?
/he’s also wearing a sweater

kim sunggyu 2 minutes ago Reply

@kim kibum /something crawls onto your lap slowly, then turns on the light for you to see a chocolate lab puppy staring up at you with its blue eyes

kim sunggyu 3 minutes ago Reply

@kim kibum its my job as your boyfriend bummie
no one is going to hurt you on my watch.
not even me.
i mean im not perfect and its normal to fight…but i dont want to

kim kibum
OOC note:
things you 
need to know
about kibummie
he goes into 
little space.
he's a good
boy and he 
just wants
and hugs
playdou and
키 (Key)
little space
scroll on pic