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❝ no matter how difficult and hard something is, I will always be positive and smile like an idiot.   


My name is Jang Dongwoo! I'm the mom of Infinite, and I suppose everyone else too because I keep adopting people. Oh well, no one's complained so far!

I love making friends, so don't be afraid to come talk to me as well. Ooh! I also love hugs and cuddles, so I'm good for that too. I'm a lil teddy bear, to be honest. There's not too much to know about me that no one already knows. I'm a bit of an open book like that.


friends & fams:
The ones who stuck by me through thin and thick, my precious friends ♥
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The one and only:





Sometimes they'll tell me I'm the sweetest thing.
Sometimes they'll say I'm too cute.
But sometimes they'll spit in my face.
And through it all, I remain mute.

Because the things they say during those times
Are the things I most believe.
Mess up, screw up, no good, they say
On me, their frustrations they relieve.

That's okay, I really don't mind.
Because what they say is true.
I'm not that great, and I do mess things up
When asked how I'll fix it; I have no clue.

Because my mouth is trouble,
And I say the wrong things.
I don't mean to do it,
But all it speaks to, it stings.

I think I'm better off away
Where no one could ever find
A trace or trail of where I am.
I'm sure they'll think it kind.


1169241.jpg?v=11205 jungkook [A] 7 minutes ago Reply

Dongwoo you're my infinite bias stfu

1169230.jpg?v=56036 woohyun [A] 17 minutes ago Reply

cries and waves my dongwoo banner

1186483.jpg?v=6260 kibum 33 seconds ago Reply

I'll just turn my focus to Dongwoo and forget about the old man.

1176314.jpg?v=15152 yoongi 4 minutes ago Reply

I'm at loss for words Dongwoo.
Three teasons. 
1 being that okay maybe joining is the best option.
2 being why td did two men let you go. They must have been dumb as ing hell
3 being holy I'm an infant compared to you

1169211.jpg?v=47142 jinki [A] 1 minute ago Reply


1186483.jpg?v=59397 kibum 4 minutes ago Reply

Gag, blindfold, arms bound, up. 
Filled to the brim with toys of all sorts
I wonder, can you handle two at once baby? 
Maybe a plus me inside of you? 
Mmm, and a little bullet vibe shoved in to top it all off, so ing deep inside you can feel it in your throat...

1186483.jpg?v=59397 kibum 1 minute ago Reply

Dongwoo is so cute.

1169211.jpg?v=57144 jinki [A] 15 minutes ago Reply


1176314.jpg?v=37605 yoongi 11 hours ago Reply

Don't cry;;
You are worth more than these tears... You don't deserve to be the next best thing to someone else. Or just a simple thing he can just leave one day...You deserve to be someone's everything... Find a person who loves you for you, and build a beautiful and rewarding relationship with them. One that would last a long long long time... You deserve more. You are worth more. 
Just know, whatever you’re feeling is perfectly okay. Of course, you should feel sad and angry...But, I want you to be happy. They were two stepping stones of growth for you. Of course, they took a piece of your heart that would never come back...But they gave you memories and knowledge
One thing about love is that in order to be loved, you have to be hurt. You have to go through the pain to get it. Sometimes you may go through a harsh breakup or divorce...But In hopes that they are leading you to someone better...someone who understands you
You are attractive. You are worth love and affection. You are worth more than being left behind. You just need someone to show you this. The tears may come often, and the pain may forever still be there...But time will help the wounds heal a little and the pain will just become memories of a past love.
You can do this.
You can get through it.
I will be with you at your side during the hard times. And I am sure that everyone else will be at your side as well. Why do dis to mah heart I'm-

1169211.jpg?v=57144 jinki [A] 2 minutes ago Reply

dongwoo always doing the best to my heart i can't take it

yoongi (h) Jan 1, 2019 2:20:31 ReplyHistory 

I miss you

1169359.jpg?v=42970 daehyun 8 seconds ago Reply

Digest in peace dongwoo lol

1169359.jpg?v=3695 daehyun 40 seconds ago Reply

Dongwoo can be talking about grass and still make me heart eyed

1192541.jpg?v=37083 seokjin [A] 18 seconds ago Reply

*winks at dongwoo*

1170264.jpg?v=47790 hoseok 24 minutes ago Reply

stops by to give dongwoo a pat on the head

1176314.jpg?v=33280 yoongi (h) 4 minutes ago Reply


1169211.jpg?v=22326 jinki [A] 13 seconds ago Reply


1169230.jpg?v=4971 woohyun [A] 4 minutes ago Reply

i miss dongwoo

1169230.jpg?v=4971 woohyun [A] 55 minutes ago Reply

i just got so excited to see dongwoo hhh <333333 like tears actually started forming in my eyes

1169208.jpg?v=64831 minho 55 seconds ago Reply

love you donguwu!