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its doesn't feel like Jongin and I have been together for three years. my mind: blown.

minho showing love? = minho making meme
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sehun and hiroto
270616(dating) c":

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@hiroto No actually I— /clears my throat, unsure of how to start off as I pull out a big bouquet of roses in my hand, holding it towards you with sheepish grin playing on my lips. 
Did you know numbers of roses have meanings? At first I thought I'd give you 3 roses since each rose means I love you but you probably already know that by now no? With the amount of times I've said it to you /chuckles quietly, rubbing my nape with my free hand and gazes down at you. 
So I thought about 11 roses, do you know what 11 roses mean, Hiroto?....They mean you're my treasured one because you honestly are, you mean so much to me you know baby? It'd be a lie if I said I can't live without you because I can but I don't want to, I don't want to live a day without you by my side, a day without seeing you. 15 roses for every time I've hurt you, I'm really sorry. I know I'm not the best boyfriend ever, I do things that hurt you and I should've been there when you needed me the most but I wasn't and I'm really sorry. /mumbles, my lips as I take in a deep breath and chuckles. 24 roses seemed to relate to me more to be honest, 24 roses mean you're always on my mind 24/7. Be it day or night, I can't seem to stop thinking about you even after the minutes or even so hours we spent together, you still linger within my mind and I'm starting to think I'm going crazy because I really can't stop. 50 roses. Regretless. I don't regret meeting you, I don't regret asking you out, I don't regret anything actually. You bring the best out of me but you also bring out sides of me I didn't think I had before. The dorkish, possessive and jealous kind and I know I've been a little because of this but I guess it's a natural thing? Just want you to know that overall I don't mind you talking to others. 101 roses —You're my one and only. You're the only one I love more than anything and anyone; even though I might have said this many times before nobody has ever made me feel like this. You're prefect the way you are Hiroto, with and without flaws and I've come to love you for who you are and you couldn't imagine how happy I was to call you mine, on this very similar day, 2 months back. It was the best day of my life and I couldn't ask for anything else. For the past 2 months we've been together, I didn't think it was possible but I've fallen for you more each day, everything about you, the way you blush to the way you'd hit my chest when you're shy and even more, I've come to love everything about you and I also realised that...I wanna spend my entire life with you, I wanna make each and every wish true- I actually want to grow old with you and tease each other about our grey hair and wrinkled faces, I want to have kids with you. As many as possible, maybe create our own football team? /flashes a cheeky grin. They'll be the symbol of our love<3 I want to be able to wake up every morning to you and go to sleep every night with you in my arms, looking forward to waking up the next day because I'll know you'll be there when I open my arms. I honestly don't know how to say this, maybe it's not the best way but I wanted to make this second monthsary special. I've thought about it a lot and I'm 100000000% sure I want to do this but I've been a little stupid and given you your gift already but its okay you could create a collection of promise rings. What I have with me today, aren't 15 roses or 24 roses or 50 roses but instead I have 108 roses. 108 roses because.../kneels down in front of you, holding the bouquet a little higher towards you, a small ring visibly hanging from it. I want to ask, will you marry me? I mean we don't have to get married straight away, we can wait a few more months and maybe years and then get married and I know I can be annoying and I'm not the best boyfriend but can I once again be selfish and steal you away from your parents? So...will you marry me? 

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@sehun ( sh ) /looks up at you, giving you all my attention as I give you a small questionable look; though I blush once you pull out the roses, making me feel my cheeks unbelievably hot/ I didn't know the amount of roses had meaning to be honest — ah, except for the three roses, I think its quite clear to know the meaning of them. /I smile softly as I nod. My smile widens at your words, feeling my heart skip one too many beats before a frown forms on my face and my smile flattens. Without a word I reach up to cup your cheek and quickly shake my head/ Babe, don't be sorry .. You're probably one of the best boyfriends I know, if not the best. Things happen and I understand that so don't be sorry or feel bad about it. /smiles reassuringly at you before pulling my hand away. The small blush covers my cheeks yet again at your words and I can't help but to look away, biting back a smile/ Wouldn't that be me? I'm always clingy and talk about you 24/7 and what not, babe. /mutters with a small chuckle and looks back up to you, giving you all my attention once againg. My blush darkens at the mention of children and I let myself laugh at the thought/ Handsome, if we'd ever like to do that then — I really dont think that's possible. We would have to .. have a lot of special nights and then how would we have time for us with all those little cuties running around, keeping use busy! /chuckles, playing with the hem of your shirt/ but .. we can always try. /mutters shyly. I find myself overwhelmed, not exactly knowing where all of this is coming from until you kneel down and I can't hold back the small look of shock on my face. Tears blur my sight as I try to continue to listen; the back of my hand pressed against my lips. Without a word I practically throw myself to you, managing to straddle you in one way or another and litter your face with small pecks before pressing a soft kiss on your lips/ You idiot.. I thought I had done something wrong! /I mutter, softly hitting your chest as I sniffle; trying to keep myself calm/ I -- of course I wanna marry you .. you make me complete. You're all I want and need. You're practically the only one that can deal with my clingy self, how would I let you go? /I mumble through the tears as I wrap my arms around your neck/ I love you. I love you a lot, you have no idea how much I love you. It actually hurts how much I love you. I dont even think saying 'I love you' can actually express all these feelings I have for you.. /sniffling softly I take a deep breath/ You're the best thing that has ever happen to me.. You're the light in my darkness, my happy middle and hopefully my happy ending as well. Please always love me like you do, Sehun. Please.
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@hiroto /I can't help but feel nervous, glancing down at your from time to time, only to feel caught off guard when you suddenly cup my cheek yet nevertheless the pace of my heart seems to increase slowly. I'm not...although I haven't been there for you when you needed me most of the time, I'll try to be better this time. Always be there when you need me, no matter what, no matter when. /a quiet chuckle leaves my lips, my fingers tightening around the bouquet as I lock eyes with you for a split second, a small hum leaving my lips and smiles, noticing a shade of red paint across your pale cheeks as you look away. And I like that... I like how you're always clingy and I wouldn't change that for the world. I find it adorable and I could have you cling to me all day long and not get tired of it. /my smile widens upon the sight despite the increase of my heartbeat, feeling really nervous but let's out a laugh, playfully shrugging my shoulders. That's okay, we can have a lot of special nights and we'll just send them off to their grandmama or jinki hyung, I'm sure he wouldn't mind looking after them but yes we could always try /responds playfully, suddenly the nervousness has disappeared and I'm much more enthralled by your shyness. It'd be a lie if I said I wasn't caught off guard when you suddenly pounce on me, causing me to stumble down the ground with the roses held away so they won't get squashed as you straddle me and chuckles, enjoying your lips lingering along my face. I'm sorry baby, I tried to get finish my speech quicker but I wanted to make it perfect although I guess it was all over the place— I really didn't know how to put it into sentences /responds, gently placing the bouquet aside and skilfully takes hold of the ring, dangling from the side and looks up at you, raising my free hand up and brushes my thumb over your cheeks, wiping away the tears. Shh baby, don't cry— /mumbles, only to pause momentarily upon your response with wide eyes, letting it slowly sink in. You— really? /exclaims with joy, immediately wrapping my arms around your waist and peppers your face with kisses. , baby I love you so ing much. So so so ing much. I honestly don't know what id do without you, you keep me sane and you just completely in every way possible baby. . /takes a deep breath, taking your hand in mine and slips the ring onto your finger, raising it towards my lips as I plant a kiss along your knuckles before leaning in and capturing your lips with my own. You're everything to me baby, I don't need anyone apart from you. I'm never letting you go baby, not now, not ever. /mumbles against your lips, pulling you closer into my arms.


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@sehun hnngg i love you already
I'm totally keeping you
You're my new son, I've adopted you now mine mine mine ♡♡♡

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@sehun ohmigod you're so precious can I keep you

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Highkey shipping SeRoto ; u ; please be nice with
my child Sehun o u o or I'll have to hunt you down, sweetie o u <

c oughs. I doubt I could ever hurt such precious human being but--
I shall keep that in mind o ㅊ o

Good, have a nice date with my child o u o

;;he hasn't agreed to go on a date with me--- yet orz.

I'm sure he will, you seem like a very nice lad
and I approve of you, yes u v u


Of course-- I get it from my parents uwu; bricked. 
I meant-- why thank you sir- e u e

istg seahoon, I'm lowkey regretting giving you my approval

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/smirks slighyly, biting back a chuckle. 
Of course it does /responds playfully. I mean when haven't you been blushing?
It's almost like a routine, seeing those bright red cheeks everyday, isn't it bunny? /continues with a grin

*softly hits your chest; hands going to cup my reddening cheeks*
I'll control it soon, just you wait! 
*argues back; shifting my gaze to the floor*

/let's out a quiet laugh, wrapping my arms around your waist before pulling you closer,
using my free hand to release your cheeks from your hold. 
Don't hide them babe-- they make you look adorable /mumbles in a low, husky tone. 
/rolls my eyes, lightly pressing my finger below your chin and
tipping you head to face me before gazing into your eyes. 
Don't hide those pretty eyes from my sight- /mumbles, a small grin making it's way to my lips. 
And you were before o blush honey bunny--

*feels myself become completely red as you pull me into your arms;
hesitantly letting you pull my hands off myself*
.. You're a bad liar *mumbles as I let my hands rest against your chest;
shivering at the tone of your voice*
*lets you lift my head up, eyes meeting yours; biting down on my lip I
try to tease back* Why not? They are just a pair of eyes like yours.
How was I born to blush? *pouts* you just enjoy making me look like
a tomato with all your little cute words ..

Babe- it's so easy to make you blush even when I'm not saying a single thing
/says, cheekily grinning at you; arches a brow in amusement. 
...I've not lied to you so far since we met, so why would I now? /tilts my head,
pulling you a little closer, my arms still wrapped around you securely.
/grins lightly when our eyes meet, and playfully bumps my head with yours. 
because they're the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen & tbh I like the way I look in your eyes
/says playfully, a small genuine small pauses on my lips. 
Of course you were- the redness just seems to naturally blend in with you but yes of course I enjoy
making you beam red, brighter than tomato itself /retorts playfully with a grin, eyes automatically
darting over at your pout and my lips. 
what did I tell you about pouting? /mumbles quietly.

*presses my forehead against your shoulder momentarily as I hear
speak; my cheeks becoming quickly warm*
Because you just do. You make me blush and I don't even know why ..
*whines as I look back to you; biting down on my lip*
... Maybe because you want me to ... believe I'm beautiful when
I'm not ..? *tilts my head as well*
*let's out a soft laugh as you bump our heads, my hands sliding up 
your broad shoulders shyly*
Well aren't you too self confident *says in a teasingly tone* .. but I do
enjoy having you in my sight, I'll give you that. *smiles*
*gently slaps your shoulder, blushing a bit at your playful words* 
Stop teasing me, Sehun .. I made you blush too, don't forget that!
*chuckles softly before letting a small smirk for on my lips*
And what did I told you to do about it? 
*mumbles quietly in return; my eyes look back at yours*
I'm not going to stop or pull away if you do .. *whispers softly*

/glances down at you, simpering at the sight before nuzzling your hair playfully.
and I love how I have so much impact on you, that I'm able to make you blush
with my words or with my mere actions
/responds immediately, lightly pinching your cheek; rolls my eyes and
gazes at you with seriousness, caressing your cheek with my thumb.
I only want you to believe you're beautiful because you truly are...
/maunders slightly, feeling my ears heat up. I continue to gaze at you as I speak.
/feels pleased upon hearing your laugh once again, and smiles as you
rest your hands on my shoulder, shrugging them slightly.
I try to be /replies playfully, eyes twinkling in joy. of course... I've always been a pleasant sight anyways,
/adds on with a little sass; places my hand over my abused shoulder dramatically and
lightly drops my head on your shoulder. my poor shoulder-- 
I don't know what you're on about-- /clears throat, turning my head and refusing to admit
I blushed yet a small smile is plastered on my lips, side-eyeing you.
Someone's grown a little confident huh? /retorts with amusement. where has my cute, little shy Hiroto gone?
/adds on playfully and bites my inner cheek before cupping your cheek with my hand and mumbles in a low tone
I'll accept this offer then... /says and closes in the remaining gaps between us before capturing your lips with mine.


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[ insert eggplant and tongue emoji ]

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I'm not  
just admiring Sehun's crotch

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Things I want to ride:
A ferris wheel
a horse
an expensive car
a motorcycle

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what the is an "outstanding crotch" even ???????

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this is an outstanding crotch e u <
/winkues at sehun/

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Jinks and Hiro calm yaselves what even
where are your men at. They need to control
y'all for real o-o

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/moisturizes lips/
back to dicc watching
I mean .. for research purposes ê u ê

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/searches for sehun's crotch to get back tbh/

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BREAKING NEWS: I'm thirsty for SeDicc




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a song for Kai, my best homiE

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Access to Premium Booty: Denied.
Code: Husband has been removed.

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me: tries to be serious
hiroto, my beautiful wife: i dont know if i should take you seriously. are you hyper? too much caffeine? it's , isn't it?


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Kai, in his head probably: I'm about to end this boy's whOLE

hiroto ( sh ) 2 hours ago Reply

Also — no making out here unu
*blows kai a lil kith*

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@kai ( h ) yOU BETTER GO SLOW
I — I was kidding, pls spare me oh mighty big pp god ;n;

"baby boo" I - uwu
I guess you'll have to wait for a more appropriate place unu

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@kai ( h ) k-kim hiroto uwu
Please, you can't go make me — hard,
and then make me soft the next second unu)9
But, I love you too! I love all of you ;v;
and just — uwu over you for no reason ;w;

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I — uwu i like your kisses so I guess is a win for me
I'll take that as a, "I will spare your life."

I'm soff :c
Just little baby kitheth : <<<
puckers my lips at you

me? i'm in love with an angel
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oh yeah, Jongin?

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it was just a TINSY bit, yeah
oooooooh êuê i like the sound of that 

ALSO! Yes, I should be free all day tomorrow ;u;
I like the thought of that, yeth, want to spend all the time with you possible :')