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All that in matters:

johnny 12 seconds ago Reply 
always missin you, woo

chittaphon 13 seconds ago Reply 
always miss you, woohyun

jackson 16 seconds ago Reply 
i always miss you woohyunnie

hyojong 1 second ago Reply 

everyone : let's smash ok we gonna smash
woohyun : everyone is cute af im soft

jinki [A] 42 seconds ago Reply 

woohyun neomu hot

johnny 37 minutes ago Reply 

@woohyun You're precious- you may not think it but you are, ya know

taehyung 3 hours ago Reply 

@woohyun @taeyong @naoki @jungkook @jinki @[email protected] I dedicate my 5k post to my closest friends.
I love you guys and I'm not gonna write a little message to each of you cuz I'm lazy af but thank you for making great memories with me, being friends with me, and making me laugh. <3 You guys are special to me. I think I got everyone but if I didn't and you see this I'm sorry



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