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Full Name

ahn Daniel


too many to place here

Date of birth & age

24 / Aug. 16, 1994




ual orientation aual

postition   pancake lol

Relationship status


Spouse/Current partner

no one cause alone

About moi

well sorry to disappoint because theres nothing about me that nobody already knows. i mean im as open as a book.

Personality / Quirks

personality junk im a two faced . im a sour patch kid.

Likes food and naps.

Dislikes people who try to be right all the time.

Hobbies Naps.

Secrets why do you need to know?

Fears yeah no.

The Quirks you should know.
— is actually a mermaid princess
— loves bad pick up lines
— whole life is a meme so is funny af
— sometimes is a sweetheart
— speaks hoelish
— y

what's this?





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Out of Character

ONE. always on

TWO. If you poke me i will not reply so dont test me and wait

THREE. i still go to school so...yeah

FOUR. Don't get choopy with me over things in the past in

other rps. dont wanna hear that if its not good.

FIVE. yes i know people ooc so i cant always promise i wont

be some type of high (i dont do drugs) or like pissed.

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genre, rating, status, etc.

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Friends / hoe squad


hyungwon 44 seconds ago Reply

When Niel talks about being fierce but his status is 

Status: “I’m kinda cute”



baekhyun1:03:25 PMReply

Buddy is moonlight then~ the brightest



woohyun [A] 1 minute ago Reply

first he’s sour, then he’s sweet


daehyun 30 seconds ago Reply

And good-
a good chat consists of a niel presently there pmsl