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kwon soonyoung 12:00:04 AM Reply

1200 DING DING LAIDEASE I MAY BE APART OF AN ~infidelity~ AU CAUSE IM HIS SIDE HOE but hi this man is now mine and i lo*e him so much so go away uwuwuwuwuwu # hong soonyoung we getting married this weekend bye

kwon soonyoung 11:07:18 PM Reply
joshua?? beautiful
me??? whipped
my heart???? stolen
my mind????? not working
the world???? at peace
hotel??????????? trivago

kwon soonyoung Feb 20, 2019 23:17:26
,,,,,,,,,,,,, okay i lied it wasn't just moodboards heh
remember when i told you i wanted to do something just a little more special for our monthsary?
well ,,,,,,

press the 1010 button !! and read the instructions uwuwuwu
it isnt anything too big or fancy ,, but i hope you like it baby < 3
happy almost 3 months oh My

kwon soonyoung [ h ] [A] 20 minutes ago Reply
hong jisoo,,,,,,, well whatever we have now is unplanned fhsdkjfd i came here just to fite and annoy you but instead of stealing your money i Hopefully stole your heart uwu
people always called us the 'fast' couple well they aint wrong are thEy fhdskfs here we are only 3 months in but we're already getting married !! do i regret? no heh. because i know that you're the one for me and why would i waste time when i've already found my soulmate? you're the greatest thing that has ever happened in my otherwise dull life. people (coughs wENJUn) ask me 'why joshua?' well ,,,, its because of your smile that makes me happy in an instant, your laugh that can clear away my worries, your gaze that makes me feel so special. its everything about you and so much more, more that i have yet to unravel. we're so suited for each other that it kinda scares me like 'wow i actually found my soulmate huh?' 

its not just how nasty we are fdksfskj but more of how well we know each other, i guess? we just click so well that i knew in an instant that i wanna spend my forever with you, and here we are! getting married!! so here on out, i vow to be the person that makes you smile, makes you happy. i cant promise a smooth road cause there will obviously be bumps here and there, but i promise you that we'll solve it and get through it together. i promise to not make you cry, or listen to you when you're upset or angry, or be there for you every second you may need me, even if you think you dont. hong jisoo, you're the one that i loved, the one that i love and the one that i will keep loving even after forever ends. you're the only one for me and i cant wait to have our little princess, three dogs maybe, get a house, grow so old and wrinkly (~but still ~) together and at least we'll have each other. i can't imagine even a second without you and i dont ever want to. 

i love you so so much, more than you know. its you and i, baby soo.