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kim jongin,
yours truly
Happy 1st Anniversary, love! uwu

Tada! It's another gift from your one and only wife heh. I know I always do this type of stuff, but... it's the thing that I'm best at– editing these and putting my thoughts into these small (or long idk sdfjf) letters. I added a video at the end, watch it if you feel sad heh. you can remove the other gift that I gave you from last year, but I have a feeling that you'll keep it in your profile. You always did appreciate every word, action, and gift of mine, which I'm eternally thankful for. ♡

you're still reading this, right? Haha, I know you are. Anyway, I want you to click on our couple's photo for a surprise! I love you. ♡

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@cha eunwoo ...he's the naughty one between us,, I'm a good girl i– brings out my pan > >
To my Jongin ❤ From your Suzy
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, love! ❤
Aaa I'm very happy that
I get to spend
Christmas with you
and the others. It's
like a dream come
true. Haha! Anyway,
we're already together
for a month and I
still can't believe that
we're together. I
wasn't the type of
person to say to others
that I'm feeling sad,
but... I did and I'm
thankful for it. Why?
Because it brought us
closer, silly! You gave
me a hug and told me
that it was going to be
all right. It did. I still
remember that time
when you opened a
kissing booth and I
kissed your cheek for
being nice to me. Haha,
you were the first
person that I kissed
here. Your reaction
was so cute~ Back to
the gift, I made you
Christmas cookies! If
you want more, then
don't hesitate to say it
to me! I'll be happy to
bake you more~
I love you, Jongin. Always. ❤
...And our future
little kaizy cuties~
Haha uwu
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skuukzky the loml. Guys, i love him
osh he's pretty cute for a clown..  heize  mijo's cute.  skuukzky fite me Hun!! (ง'̀-'́)ง kongnim  clown..jesus christ, this is a mess. cute pic tho. 
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