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My adorable cutie <3


dinghao Mar 15, 2019 15:12:17

smiles shyly with your words, returning the peck before nodding slightly, gaining more confidence with what you say
you’re so amazing, i hope you know that-
hums, getting down on one knee and pulling a velvet box out of my pocket before opening it, looking up to you with soft eyes
will you marry me..? ))

dinghao 28 minutes ago

hums shyly and looks at changmin with happy eyes
i want you to be my boyfriend-
dinghao 25 minutes ago
ah !! look at !! my !! boy !!
dinghao 12 minutes ago
@changmin you are
my baby
i really
really really
care for you
you’re my world
dinghao 12 minutes ago
if changmin had tiddies i’d still love him
hoseok 8 minutes ago
yukhei 16 minutes ago
/coos and pets changmin's head
i'm keeping him u v u
he's part of nct now