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hoseok 46 seconds ago Reply

yoongi looks very pretty im mmmmm


hoseok 1 minute ago Reply

yoongi's smile makes my heart ing combust


hoseok 24 minutes ago Reply

yoongi you’re absolutely adorable



dongwoo ( h ) 3 minutes ago Reply

Meaningful always feels better than flings
But I'm a hoe that'll take what I can get when times get tough
But only until I find that meaningful one
After that, I have a hard time going to flings because I wanna belong to that one person and that one person only.
Like, Yoongi makes me wanna tackle him to the bed and either ride him into next month or cuddle the hell out of him for the rest of eternity.
And I wanna hold his hand for no other reason than the fact that I love contact with him
And little cheek kisses because I'm addicted to having my lips on his skin
All the nuzzles, I just wanna nuzzle him so bad
And go on all the dates
And I wanna feed him food and be fed by him
I wanna sit on the couch and watch movies that we won't pay attention to because we're distracted by talking about random that means nothing to anyone else but us
Yoongi makes me feel soft and domesticated okay


jinki [A] 49 minutes ago Reply

why fall in love when you can fall asleep


hoseok 1 minute ago Reply

i just noticed yoongi never swears...


chanyeol3:50:28 AMReply

god I love you yoongs


jinki [A] 3 minutes ago Reply

uwu yoongi always out here making me BLÜSH


jinki [A]9:28:57 PMReply

we getting that BREAD

These are the people I trust. I trust them without the fear of being hurt or betrayed. I would give each of them the world
Xukun || Jimin
Xukunnie Jiminnie
Jungkook || DOngwoo

Jungkook... Dongwoo
Hoseok || Jinki

Hobi JinkiTaehyung || Woohyun
Taetae Woowoo


The past.
jungkook [A]6:24:19 PMReply Yoongi is so pretty

jungkook [A] 13 minutes ago Reply @yoongi plants a big wet smooch on your cheek Mmhmmm that’s what I thought.

jungkook 16 minutes ago Reply Room → @yoongi You’re being really ing cute- /is at a loss of words, though I can’t complain. Basking in the affection and attention. laughter bubbles up in my chest spilling over my lips as I soak it all in Hyuuuunngggggg

dongwoo 5 minutes ago Reply Daddy!Yoongi is adorable aww

dongwoo 3 minutes ago Reply Teasing Yoongi is my new hobby

dongwoo 18 minutes ago Reply It's official, bickering with and teasing Yoongi gets me hard

jimin [A] 22 seconds ago Reply Why is yoongi hyung so cute?

chanyeol 1 minute ago Reply okey no yoongi i take that back please ing me

chanyeol 1 minute ago Reply *wrap the sheet around yoongi* want some grapes oh great good yoongi

xukun ( h ) 3 minutes ago Reply oof yoongi's indeed fabulous