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basics / for tl;dr.


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AGE 30 /36.


BACKGROUND basically tokitatsu fell asleep and when he woke up, he's in another world in another person's body. However, he was easy to adjust as Dongwoon's life was almost like his last one. The switch has happened for over half a year, and he's still wondering if he'll bump into Hirato again. 

TRACKERGAYOON: Club; replied.
MINHYUK: Plotting.

OOC Stuff about dritt.
— 3rd>1st but any is okay.
— no or romance.
— gmt+8, busy soon.

history / about.


Getting to know their past.

Tokitatsu was born into a world where the stories of monsters out to eat you are real. For that reason he became a member of the government's special organization called Circus.

He was a natural in his job, even passing Kuronomei Academy with an exceptional performance and contributions. He was once a member in the second ship- however, he was quick to bid farewell as he moved up in the ranks, eventually reaching the top: the highest technical trial officer.

Despite the formality his position imposes, he's rather cheery and playful, even laid-back with a hobby of provoking others. He's never seen as one who's strict, stiff and organized- and this makes the other officials wonder just how he ended up in such a high rank.

The only family he considers is his little brother; an exact opposite of who he was. Other than that, they both were known for their exceptional talents in Kuronomei. And to think that his brother is the current captain of the second ship! He thought it was wonderful how his sibling followed his footsteps.

However, his brother refuses to be known as related to him, claiming that "the people of circus do not have families". This just makes his brother the main target of his teasings whenever he gets the chance. Tokitatsu had the special talent of completely destroying his calm brother's demeanor of perfection. The younger can never hide his annoyance with him and it just makes him even more delighted.

Unknown to him, while he was reading over the documents for a mission, exhaustion tugged on his concious mind and slowly lulled him to sleep. He was a er for procrastination but this day just pushed him to his limits, not even caring if his makeshift pillows were the stacks of contracts and reports he had to validate and read.

Waking up hours later made his eyes open to a whole new world- fortunately, his new life wasn't much far off from his old one. He had to study his situation once more and in all honesty, he didn't mind it. It wasn't that he hated his life before as Tokitatsu, it was simply because he can't really do anything about it. He had no clues on how exactly he ended up in such a scene, hence the only way was to adjust and just go with everything.

Now, he's the CEO of a weapon manufacturing company, Son Dongwoon. Like the old life he had before, he's still with the government, he's living his life, he still hated suits. He's just hoping that somehow, he'll bump into his little brother once again.

personality / quirks.


Getting to know who they are.

PERSONALITY laid back, outgoing, loud, prone to make puns.

LIKES Dogs, procrastination, his weapons, giving the media wrong information, reading mystery novels, writing just to remember his past life.

DISLIKES people who can't appreciate his puns (smh), suits, strict people.

HOBBIES Provoking people, writing, drowning himself with work.

SECRETS none. He can never keep secrets.

FEARS Losing everything he's worked hard on, mistakes, forgetting anything.

QUIRKS Fun facts about them.
— He plays the violin! But only rarely.
— He likes to work, but he also likes to be lazy; he's always conflicted.
— He'll socialize with just about anyone.
— Sometimes, he draws either nyanperona, usagi or hitsuji on the corner of papers.
— He likes to provoke people but if he successfully does, he'll quickly back off. Despite that habit, he's usually tact.
— He ditches most of his appointments that he deems not as important
— He usually goes for walks wearing plain t-shirts and jeans
— He carries around a pen knife just in case
— Although this world removed his other powers and abilities, he's still adept in combat.

their beloved.


The one they give their heart to.

name here

date here

status here

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out of character.


The typist's notes and guidelines.

ONE gmt+8, a student, slow asf soon, i don't poke. Open for plots tbh. Hmu, I don't bite?¿ Also don't poke until 7-10 days

TWO 3rd>1st. Okay...ish replies? ? ? If you ever do hmu for plots and you don't have ideas we can always come up w one later on.

THREE I'm alright with any genre. Just no . Or romance. Cant plot that rip.

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scenarios / storylines.


Plots & situations for the character.

Scenario Title Here.

genre, rating, status, etc.

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Scenario Title Here.

genre, rating, status, etc.

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Scenario Title Here.

genre, rating, status, etc.

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