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Crackson isnt the president we deserve but the president we need

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i was thinking

◇ lalisa manoban 15 minutes ago Reply

how 'Lalisa Manoban-Wang' has a nice ring to it

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itd be toy story now

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my dumpling jackson wang

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dont sleep too late, gramps n jackjack the rat whisperer



happy birthday and happy anniversary
You've grown 1 year older and this time, that 1 year is with me. Happy birthday to the most amazing person that came to my life. Wang Jia Er, I wish you joy and happiness forever ♡ This is a small gift dedicated to you for your birthday and ofcourse our anniversary so 2-in-1 gift uwu. I hope you like it. I asked a friend to help me with it so it's not my work but it's dedicated to my one and only. I missed you a lot and I will try to be here as much as I can. I missed those fights with joon and the dpr squad and especially with babyson, I miss playing legos and taking those legos away from him heh. I miss our chat times a lot so here to hoping we'll have more chat times with the squad! Always know that I always care and appreciate you,, and your dad jokes : D I'll try to laugh at em once in awhile— no promises though and yes I miss your dorky, ratatouille, toy story loving self. Lastly, I love you and when I say that, It is not out of habit. I just really wanna remind you that you are my life ♥ Happy birthday once again, baobei!