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younghyun。 [A] 12 hours ago Reply 

@son chaeyoung。 kang younghyun。20:42:21Reply
milkytea really coming through for admin of the year award.
tagging you in my own post because i miss and love you!

ghyun。 [A]5:00:50 PMReply

my favourite girl in green.

ekhyun。 4 minutes ago Reply

manoban lalisa。 21 seconds ago Reply
chae is a whole cutieᵀᴹ

ngkyun。1:50:35 AMReply

chae: don't test me !! imma fIGHT U!!
chae, the next second: uwuwuwu

ie。1:56:46 AMReply

lee yukyung。5:55:16 PMReply
chaeyoung is smol but cute ♡

mie。 2 minutes ago Reply 

But but but 
Chaeyoung is a whole cutie herself-

oban lalisa。1:07:50 AMReply

no you're still a whole new level of cute chae

an lalisa。 4 minutes ago Reply 

chae took all my uwus

ban lalisa。 3 minutes ago Reply 

chae is a whole cutie

noban lalisa。 34 minutes ago Reply 

loves chae up and down

hua。12:45:52 AMReply

you look like a queen uwu

oban lalisa。1:33:43 AMReply

you always slay too, my beautiful chae

noban lalisa。6:36:13 PMReply

the admins are so cute uwu

ghyun。 [A] 6 minutes ago Reply 

i'd trust chae's aesthetic.

oban lalisa。11:07:43 PMReply

you are clearly cuter, chae uwu

oung。2:45:15 PMReply

chae your efforts have been noticed by me

oung。 1 minute ago Reply 

all the admins are amazing!

park jinyoung。 1 minute ago Reply 

i appreciate all the things you do as an admin!
you're amazing!

ngho。 32 minutes ago Reply 

chaeyoung you're beautiful as well c:

oung。7:37:09 PMReply

very precious

park jinyoung。7:37:04 PMReply

you are precious too

kang younghyun。 [A] 1 minute ago Reply 

sonchae and i are always in sync.

ounghyun。 [A] 12 seconds ago Reply 

sonchae, you're too sweet. thank you for dedicating your time to us and offering to help admin! there's never been a moment i wasn't thankful for your constant input!

oban lalisa。10:35:18 PMReply

son chaeyoung。 [A]3:30:32 PMReply
i like: lost

i like u too chae

vnin。 26 seconds ago Reply 

Chaeyoung is adorable

manoban lalisa。7:57:21 AMReply

uwu ily chae uwu

noban lalisa。8:00:16 AMReply

sends all my uwus to chae uwu

roh jisun。 14 seconds ago Reply 

sonchae + short hair = a blessing

ghyun。 [A] 6 minutes ago Reply 

@son chaeyoung。 thanks for accepting applications and keeping the place tidy. you win best admin of the year!

here are some ooc stuff and random stuff you should know about. no ting please, skinship is cool with me. any genres are good, suggest any dramatic plots. i’m usually active 7/10, just depending on my day. if i don’t reply within 3-5 days you have permission to bug me. i’m also very friendly, so let’s become friends and get to know each other more!
please hit me up in pm
if you’re wanting to plot
son chaeyoung
gmt -8
third > first